Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Did A Man Commit Suicide Because Of Obama’s Re-Election?

I know some people in America didn’t want to see Obama re-elected, but this is just extreme. According to several news reports, 64-year-old Henry Hamilton committed suicide because of President Obama being re-elected. The man owned a tanning salon and promised his friends that he “wouldn’t be around” if Obama won the election. Hamilton was… Read more »


Hip-Hop Rumors: Serena Williams Goes In On Common’s New Girlfriend On Twitter!

Common is allegedly in hot water with his former flame, Serena Williams, because of his new girlfriend and her Twitter-stalking ways. Serena went H.A.M. on Twitter yesterday, blasting Common’s new lady friend and referring to her as a “boy” because sources say that Serena allegedly thinks that Common’s girlfriend looks like a man. Really, Serena!!!… Read more »