Epic Fail Of The Day: NY Senator Demands Apology From Lil' Wayne For Saying "I Don't Like New York"

This publicity hungry NY Senator wins the crown for today’s Epic Fail Of The Day. Senator Malcolm Smith is holding a rally in Times Square today at 3PM to demand a public apology from Lil’ Wanye for allegedly saying, “I flat out don’t like New York.” Our friends at HipHopWired got there hands on a… Read more »


Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Is This The iPhone 5!?!

AWWW Shoot! I shed a tear after seeing this! Why, because it ensures that I am going to get the new iPhone 5, because this video describes my life to a tee. Check it out. It will certainly help you get your priorities in order. [youtube] Email me your rumors at GET INTERACTIVE… Read more »


Hip-Hop Rumors: New Blue Ivy Carter Photos Leak And She Looks Like A Perfect Mix Of Jigga And Bey

New photos of the heir to the Carter throne, Blue Ivy Carter, have leaked, and the baby is absolutely adorable. MediaTakeOut has somehow gotten their hands on some exclusive photos of Beyonce and Blue, and the baby looks like a perfect mix of her mommy and daddy. Check the photos below: She looks like Beyonce… Read more »