Hip-Hop Rumors: Things Are Getting Serious Between Jay Electronica And Iluminati Heiress

It seems as if Jay Electronica and married Illuminati heiress Kate Rothschild have moved on from just dating, into serious relationship status. After claiming that Jay “saved her life,” and after Jay threatened to “come see” Kate’s estranged husband, the two are rumored to be getting even closer. The Daily Mail is reporting that Jay… Read more »


Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Hollywood Star Will Play The Falcon In The “Captain America” Sequel?

You comic book heads out there may be in for a treat! We are hearing that the Captain American sequel is in the works, and Marvel is rumored to be introducing the Falcon. The Falcon was America’s first African-American superhero, and although Marvel has not confirmed this, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Anthony Mackie… Read more »