Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Takes A Leak? Jay-Z’s Roc Boy Video, Amy’s Winehouse, Alicia Keys’ Best Bud!

Do not forget to read yesterday’s rumors, ladies and gents! Jay-Z As Frank Lucas? Rockers Got Jokes? Can’t Ban The Snowman! Rza Gets Jacked By Corporate Sharks? Rihanna’s Earthquake Scare! AND MORE! THE ROC BOYS ARE IN THE BUILDING! Roc-A-Fella, Y’all! So, the Roc Boys are officially in the building. Of course I wasn’t around,… Read more »



HALLOWEEN’S HIP-HOP Man, I work so hard at the rumors, I forgot that it was Halloween! Well, at the last minute (right now), I realized that Hip-Hop loves Halloween. Well that notion is up for grabs considering the real roots of the pagan celebration. I for one have no qualms with the holiday. Its sort… Read more »


Hip-Hop Rumors: Dre & Eminem – Back?

KANYE WEST WALKS IN THE MUSLIM WORLD!   Antoinnette is my Navy Chick and she’s stationed over there in Dubai. She told me about Mr. West coming over there to perform. Well, Kanye did it and he even performed “Jesus Walks,” even though Dubai is a decidedly Muslim area. What he didn’t do, was cuss,… Read more »