What Will You Die For?

“I’m Ready to Die, Tell God I Said Hi”  – Notorious B.I.G.America is known for many things but breeding martyrs isn’t one of them. Sure we have innocent people lose their lives everyday. Good people, be they parents, honor students, teachers. Thing is, they lose their lives by a stray bullet, jealous exes, hit and… Read more »


The Revolution Will Be Twittered

Editor’s shameless plug: Follow AllHipHop.com at http://twitter.com/allhiphopcomForget CNN, Fox News or even BBC. People are turning to Twitter to find out what is going on in Iran. Since the June 12th presidential elections resulted in what many consider to be the rigged re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, citizens of Iran have taken to the streets… Read more »


Street Knowledge Vs. College?

“F**k College; I’m about street knowledge,” a friend once said to me. I smiled, nodding approvingly, before adding: “I feel you, man..” We exchanged daps, unifying our indifference to higher education.. Soon after, the conversation dissolved into something less meaningful. That was two years ago, at a lunch table. Today, things have considerably changed. While… Read more »