Gangs of New York: The Savage Skulls and Savage Nomads

80 blocks from Tiffany’s. This is the distance between the South Bronx and the world famous Tiffany’s jewelry store in Manhattan, New York.


80 blocks separated the bedazzled boutique from the Savage Skulls and

Savage Nomads, two of New York’s most infamous Black and Puerto Rican

gangs of the 1970s.


Savage crews didn’t just travel downtown to steal fine jewelry. They

were known far and wide in New York for racketeering, assaults, girl

gangsters, pimping, and much, much more.

As continues its “Gangs of New York” series, we invite you

to enjoy Gary Weiss’ classic 1979 documentary “80 Blocks from

Tiffany’s,” which recounts a vivid tale of the Savage Skulls and Savage

Nomads legendary reign of terror during the same period Hip-Hop was coming to life.