KILLA BH: Joe Budden’s Keeper

To the uninformed, Killa BH is a mere microbe on Planet Hip-Hop. To the Hip-Hop fanatic, Killa BH is one of the contributing factors to one of the preeminent artist mixtapes in recent memory, Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse? On that album and its successor, Mood Muzik 3 (2007), the […]

To the uninformed, Killa BH is a mere microbe on Planet Hip-Hop. To the Hip-Hop fanatic, Killa BH is one of the contributing factors to one of the preeminent artist mixtapes in recent memory, Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse? On that album and its successor, Mood Muzik 3 (2007), the rapper – if you can call him that –offered a rarely seen dose of comic relief. In this exclusive…Killa BH delves deep into his rap career, solo album, his plans for Joe’s foes, his real role with Joe Budden’s Team Jump Off and a bunch of other stuff.

Before we begin, here are some musical selections to get the casual reader in the “mood.”

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Killa BH – “Skit

Killa BH – “Folgers’ Brother” (Joe Budden Semi-Diss Dedication) How did you get to meet up with Joe Budden (aka Mouse) to being his Number 1 sidekick?

Killa BH: Well, it’s funny because I knew everyone in Mouse’s circle but him. The first person to introduce me Joe is a close friend of ours. He goes by the name of Dolla Dill. Growing up, he would try to keep me outta trouble, he always said, “Stay positive and keep away from the knuckle heads.” This was when my family and I were working on our clothing line, which was doing very well at the time. He was the first person to buy a shirt off me. As time passed, I was now hanging out with Joe’s best friend/ hype man the Big Werm. Years passed and I’m 19 straight outta high school in, college trying to make something of myself. Werm was acting at the time, which caused him to move to California. He would fly back and forward for shows and family. Whenever he came home we would always chill.

That summer I was outta school on break and he said “ Yo mouse got us tickets to [Hot 97’s] Summer Jam, I’ve never been and I know you haven’t so let do the damn thing.” We went had a great time and afterwards met up with Mouse at his house. We had a great conversation about being productive considering I was having trouble in school and had thoughts of dropping out. He said “Yo, see young n***as today! You better keep you’re a** in school and finish.” After the long pep talk, he came to the conclusion that this kid needs an older figure in his life. After that, Werm asked me to take his position as the hype man. The rest is history. If it wasn’t for the people, family, relationship, and a few others I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you b***hes. What exactly do you do?

Killa BH: I mean, I rap like – Come on really when’s the last time you heard something like this?! The lyrical content I bring to this rap s**t is bananas. Outside of that I’m a businessman at heart. I’m one of the A&R’s a part of Team Jump Off and also the hype man. How do you feel about being a comic relief rapper, yet dissing your man on his own s**t with your rendition of “Big Brother.”

Killa BH: comedic rapper??? Come on son there’s nothing funny about my lyrics. I’m talking that real s###, I’m what’s missing from hip hop and that’s a fact! As far as me going at Joe it’s nothing personal. But I feel he’s the best right now. That may sound basis considering I’m his artist and apart of team jump off and also a close friend but outside of all of that my dude got some s### and the world will see shortly please believe it. Who influenced your gruffy, comic style of rap?

Killa BH: that’s a tough question, I mean I know I’m nice and all but it’s not hard to see that me and rap go together like peas and carrots. I would have to say my brother and my crew. Is there any truth to the rumor that there is a Killa BH album coming?

Killa BH: hell yea I’m recording an album!!!! It will be out the same time as the growth. Don’t be surprised if a killa bh tape is out in 08. Saigon said he would slap the “earth, wind and fire” our of your homey. What’s the deal with the Saigon and that beef?

Killa BH: Beef seems to be the topic of discussion as of late for my dude. This whole Saigon s**t is corny. Rappers use other rappers in their bars all the time. Whether it be negative or positive it said. I feel like other people can get away with saying s**t about different rapper and as soon as Joe says something its like, “What, I gotta go to war with this n***a now!” Team Jump Off is not thinking about Saigon or anyone else for that matter. The main focus is making classic music period. What was the climate when Game was talking stuff?

Killa BH: When that whole game s**t was taking place I wasn’t even in the picture. I came a year or two later. And there is the topic of Royce Da 5’ 9”…something almost popped off after the AllHipHop Battle didn’t go as planned.

Killa BH: Royce and Joe have spoken about working with each other in the future. I’m sure when ever that takes place its going to be crazy. What if they didn’t dead it?

Killa BH: Well, I mean, if they didn’t squash the beef then I would have to do what I gotta do and the world already knows what the out come would be. Killa BH is the future of Hip-Hop. Get with it or get “lost” like the TV show. See what I’m saying? Bars just come out even when I’m not trying to be hot! who does that? Mood Muzik 3 is finally out and 2008 is here. Put us in the mind of Joe Budden. The stakes are high. Any fear going forward?

Killa BH: I would never put the word scared and Joe in the same sentence. He’s not your average rapper at all. He’s going against himself. He’s his own worst critic. Sure there are other rappers that he has respect for but he wants to improve for him not for anyone else. I respect people like that, he is the last of a dying breed. It’s funny cause I see those same characteristics in my self. And your career is linked to Budden, who has dared to challege Jay-Z…are you scared, Killa?!

Killa BH: Am I scared? I can’t think of anyone else I would want to depend as far as my future. A lot of people don’t get to go through the creative process with someone of [Joe Budden’s] caliber. Listening to the music and watching the passion that goes into his work makes it much easier to deal with. Besides have u ever listened to Killa BH? We all know where I’m gonna go. Straight to the top!!!!! There are rumors of Joe Budden going to Shady or wanting to go to the house of Eminem. Talk to me.

Killa BH: I’m mean, let’s be real. If Shady Records was to sign Joe, it would be a great moment in Hip-Hop, if u ask me. Eminem, who is one of the best lyricist of our time, and then side by side with Joe Budden! I mean what more do you want? And then to add insult to injury – sign Killa BH: the future of Hip-Hop. Come on, tell me that s### don’t sound nuts? Some of it sounds nutty. This interview is about to be over. Do you have any last words?

Killa BH: Well I would just like to thank allhiphop, team jump off, play big inc, friends, family loved one etc. Be sure to get that mood muzik series, as well as any other future projects.

KILLA BH SKIT From Mood Muzik 2