Streets is Talking: Pimp C

Outside of Kanye and 50, only Chad Butler's name has rung as hard in the Rap game in the last month or so.

Better known as Pimp C, dude has caused a steady stream of controversy with his off the wall interviews and colorful commentary. In his Ozone Magazine sit down Pimp spazzed out and berated some of the biggest names in the game. He called out a certain trapper rapper for misquoting dope prices among others and would later go on the radio and proclaim that Atlanta is not the South. Since the infamous rant, a lot of his peers have responded to him in one way or another, one of those peers being Young Jeezy. Jeezy recently responded on to all the accusations stemming from the commentary of one half of the legendary group UGK. Never known to hold back or play any back and forth games, Pimp C called us up for his rebuttal, and some clarification. Peep game. What’s good Pimping?

Pimp C: I’m feeling good bro, blessed. I’m happy to be among the living, I’m happy to still be in this Rap game. Know what I’m talking about? Let’s talk about the Rap game. You’ve been in it for almost fifteen years and the recent UGK album did very well landing number one on the charts.

Pimp C: For me to get my first number one, it made me feel blessed. I never had a number one album before. It showed that if you take your time and you work hard anything can happen. We put a lot of time and money into this project. I couldn’t have done it without the man upstairs or the people at Jive [Records]. It was a team effort. Okay, let’s get straight to business. You have been doing some interviews in the last two months or so. You had made some disparaging comments about a certain rapper quoting 17.5 dope prices and Atlanta not being the South. People thought you were talking about Young Jeezy or T.I.

Pimp C: Hey man the number could have been 16.5. The number could have been 18.5. The number could have been 19.5. It just happens that the number was 17.5 and it just got shot at Jeezy. Hey man, to tell you the truth all them numbers fake and anyone from the game know its fake! I could go on and on but it won’t change nothing. It’s all entertainment anyway. These ni**as is selling CD’s. If you say the 17.5 number is real, then great it’s real. I know you lying, but if you say it’s real then it’s real. Maybe it’s real where you at, but I know because I’m from the game. If that’s what you want to portray then do your thing because at the end of the day it’s all entertainment anyway. I would hate to think that you got ni**as out here selling records and they still investing their money into drugs. I would hate to think these ni**as is so dumb to still be in the dope game now and trying to sell records too. Know what I’m talking about? So if you saying they go for 17.5, okay fine ni**a. Happy dope dealing! Recently Young Jeezy spoke to us about the situation. What’s your take on his reply?

Pimp C: Well let me say this. First and foremost I’m a Young Jeezy fan, that’s the first thing. Second is I read his interview and you know I was impressed by the way he handled himself in the situation with the sh*t. As far as I’m concerned I don’t have a problem with Jeezy. As far as that Atlanta thing is concerned what I should have said was that it’s not the ni**as from Atlanta that ain’t the South, it’s them ni**as that move to Atlanta that ain’t the South. These old out of town ni**as just transplanted themselves into the city and turned [it] into something it ain’t. But the ni**as from Atlanta is some real ni**as. Maybe that’s what I should have said when I made that statement. There’s no doubt in my mind and there’s no doubt in everyone else’s mind Atlanta, Georgia is the South. I’ll say it again, all the people that bought my records, all the people that support UGK we riding with Atlanta. If it was ever a civil war to break out I’m riding with Atlanta. One thing that Jeezy did mention to us in regards to the whole 17.5 pricing that you were away six years and that you might not know what’s going on in the streets. Any comment on that Pimping?

Pimp C: He expressed his opinion on the sh*t. He has his opinion and I have mine. We may see eye to eye on some things and we might not see eye to eye on other things. But as far as me being away, I haven’t been away that muthaf***ing long. Yeah, I’ve been down four years. I’ve been back two [years]. So I think I know what the f*k* I’m talking about but at the same time everyone got their own opinion. Opinions are like @ssholes everyone got one. He’s allowed to have his own opinion. I respect his opinion and he respects mine and let’s keep it moving and get this money. So overall you were cool with what he had to say?

Pimp C: I will say one thing that was said in that interview about me being on some type of snitch sh*t by telling what was going on in the game in the XXL Magazine. Ni**a when you see a muthaf*cking snitch, slap one. That’s all I’m going to say about that sh*t. When you see a snitch slap one, I’ve never told on anyone. I went to the penitentiary because I wouldn’t tell on someone. Ain’t nothing snitch about me. I ain’t say nothing that the law don’t know in the third muthaf*cking place. Everything I spoke on that XXL interview was actual and factual ni**a. And if anyone got a problem with what I said then come out and say you don’t like what I said. Trying to put the snitch name on me, trying to say I exposed the game, and trying to put it out there like that I ain’t finna go for that. Now whoever don’t like that, you can take it however you want to take it. We can do whatever the f**k you want to do about it after that. Because that snitch jacket sh*t I ain’t going for that. Everything else was cool, I got respect for the man interview and everything else that went down with the sh*t. But with the snitch jacket, hey man you can’t put a snitch jacket on me. We don’t tell down here, we don’t talk to police. You got me confused with your boy or somebody. I don’t know who you got me confused with, but you got me f*cked up with someone who don’t resemble me. After saying that ni**a can take that’s sh*t however the fuck they want to take it! Ain’t nothing snitch, nothing phony about me. It’s whatever ni**as want it to be. After saying that I want to say this again, I want to commend that man for holding himself like a man in that interview. That’s kind of hard to hold yourself in a masculine way and stay player and stay cool when ni**as is perceiving the slugs to be shot at you. So I understand ni**as wanting to defend themselves. You just mentioned earlier the possibilities of a Rap civil war. Do you think something is bound to pop off between the South and the East coast? Shots have been traded here and there within the last year.

Pimp C: Nah, I don’t think that. This is how hate works, you got to have a majority of muthaf*ckers to rise up in order to get enough hate going on for something like that to pop. The majority isn’t the haters. The majority of people out here aren’t haters. The majority of artists on separate coasts aren’t haters. So if you can’t get a majority of ni**as to do all the hating then you not going to have an uprising. You got to have a majority of people that are disenchanted with what’s going for the sh*t to happen like that and I don’t see that happening. I don’t get nothing but love when I got to West Coast or East Coast. I sell more records in Atlanta than I did in Dallas this time and Dallas is my biggest market. You got sporadic ni**a’s saying sh*t here and there but hey man ni**a’s is allowed to have their opinion. I’m not tripping on these ni**a’s opinions, but guess what? You can’t have your opinion if your music ain’t backing up that opinion. If I put your sh*t in the deck and your sh*t ain’t jamming then you ain’t got one leg to stand on. Well f**k what you talking about.And let me say this all [you] youtube and internet gangsters, guess what? All that hiding behind the camera and sh*t that’s some pu**y ass sh*t man, ni**as ain’t hard to find. Real ni**a’s is not hiding. We ain’t hard to find! I’m guessing that’s meant for Lil’ Troy? He responded to your song “P***y Ni*** Anthem” on youtube a while back.

Pimp C: Who’s that? I don’t even know who that is. These ni**a’s SoundScan….man. Hey man every time I get on a muthaf*cking song I’m not dissing [someone]. I’ve been making the same type of records for years. Every verse I write ain’t about no ni**a man. If I don’t say your name then shut your mouth up, and get your ass out the way. When I get ready to diss you I’m going to diss you directly straight up and down no special effects. I’m not going to play with you. Another dude I know you been wanting to address is Havoc of Mobb Deep. He was on satellite radio about a month or so ago plugging his new album and he was taking some shots at the South.

Pimp C: I don’t even know who that ni**a is man. When the last time he sold a record? What them ni**as SoundScan looking like, have you seen it? I know that the last Mobb Deep album Blood Money didn’t go gold and Havoc’s album that just came out The Kush sold like five thousand records or so first week.

Pimp C: I don’t even know who them niggas is, f**k them ni**as! What I will say [is] this. If I don’t know who you are and I can’t identify with you then f**k you, but at the same time if ya’ll want to start a civil war it ain’t nothing. And I’ll be the first one to say this, if it do pop off between the East and the South or any other muthaf***ing coast against the South, I’m standing side by side with my comrades down here. I’m standing side by side with Atlanta, with Jeezy, with Ludacris, with Lil’ Jon and everybody else. It’s one thing for us to have disagreements down here amongst ourselves. That’s another thing for some other ni**as out of our environment try to say some funny ass sh*t. I think that statement you talking about is what dude said about T.I. Am I right? Correct. He was throwing T.I. under the bus during that same interview.

Pimp C: Well hoe ass ni**as do hoe ass sh*t to try to sell records. These ni**as be pulling these stunts trying to get record sales for their first week but the sh*t still don’t be working because the record is sh*tty. You need to step your muthaf*cking game up. I’m down with Raekwon The Chef man. I’m fucking with ni**as in New York like Kay Slay. We ain’t fucking with no ni**as doing those little bitty funky ass numbers ni**a. If he got a problem with T.I. or with anybody down here you got a problem with me. But as far as the dude you talking about, I don’t know who he is. Isn’t one of them kids that Pac slayed ten years ago or something? Correct.

Pimp C: You see what I’m saying the sh*t didn’t work ni**a. Don’t say nothing about T.I. until you get your muthaf*cking numbers up. In the midst of the whole sh*t everybody kept saying Pimp dissing Jeezy, the ni**a kept saying that sh*t. I’ve never said that ni**as name, I just spoke my opinion. If I say a ni**a name I’ll say it to his face. Don’t be putting words in people’s mouths and don’t try to make sh*t out to be what you want it to be. All I’m saying is I’m standing side to side with my folks. And again I would like to say I liked how Jeezy handled himself in that interview. He could have went crazy and buckwild in that interview and could have said a whole bunch of reckless sh*t. I’m trying to be more of a leader than a ni**a who cause problems. I’m trying to create a situation where we come together a little bit more. I realize this thing on my face is like a tommy gun. I can shoot to kill, I can shoot to start wars and I can shoot to stop wars. I don’t think its right for Pimp C and UGK to start wars with ni**s right now. Another thing that you vented about is when rappers are using the word trill and the accompanying lifestyle in their music when it originated in your side of town.

Pimp C: Nothing wrong with niggas saying they trill. I don’t see nothing wrong that. All I am saying is this. If you going to say trill you need to tell where it came from; give homage to where the sh*t came from. It came from Port Arthur Texas; it didn’t come from nowhere else. There Trill ni***s all over the world, but you know where it got started at and you know where it came from. So you wouldn’t have a problem with like a Rick Ross naming his new album Trilla.

Pimp C: Man, I’m one of Rick Ross’ biggest fans man. I’m one of Young Jeezy’s biggest fans. I love these ni**as on records, I love to see these ni**as sell these records. Just because ni**as don’t see eye to eye all the time as far as our views are concerned or just because we don’t always have the same outlook on life don’t mean we don’t like these ni**as records man and don’t enjoy their music. I think the game would be a lot less interesting if we didn’t have Jeezy in the game. I think the ni**a is very talented and I think he has a long way to go with this sh*t too. Nobody can’t be a 100% right all the time and no one is 100% wrong all the time either. Everybody got to defend themselves. You asked him about me and he held himself in a grown man type way. Yeah he was classy about the situation.

Pimp C: That ni**a was extra classy about it. I want to commend him on that sh*t because I get reckless sometimes. Speaking of talking reckless, one point that did you brought up was the fact that a lot of these rappers talk a good game but they really homosexual. Have you seen or heard anything that made you speak out on that issue?

Pimp C: Whatever a man’s sexual preference is that man’s sexual preference. If you do some sh*t in Miami, then you go to New York and do the same sh*t then go to LA and do the same sh*t, it’s going to get out there in the streets. Everybody know who the boys who like boys is. Everybody know who the girls who like girls is. Ain’t no big deal. It’s really no thing. It don’t excite me or astonish me. It’s true, a whole bunch of these ni**as is some punks. If that’s what you are be proud of what you are and come out of the muthaf*cking closet and stop hiding. And what’s so cold about the sh*t is the ni**as that be doing the sh*t be the ones gay bashing and talking down. Know what I’m talking about? What I’m going to say is this. The pimp wire don’t lie. When you do something in three or more cities, its going to hit that pimp wire and we going to find out what type of sh*t you out here doing. Everybody got to play the game their own way. There’s always been rumors of some super secretive club of entertainers and executives who meet up and get together to enjoy themselves in homosexual acts. That’s what I thought you were referring to when you brought up that exec in your previous interviews.

Pimp C: Man I’m not that deep into the sh*t to know about all of that. You would have to ask someone with more insight and been in the game a little bit longer than I have. You may want to ask Too Short who has seen more sh*t than me. I’m plugged into the pimpwire and I’m told of when these ni**as come into to town and do some funny ass sh*t. Any closing statements Pimping?

Pimp C: Let me say this at the end of this thing. Everything in this interview is Pimp C of UGK. Not to be misconstrued as Bun B of UGK and not to be misconstrued as the views of UGK the group. This is me myself talking, these are my views. If ni**a’s don’t like my views, then speak on me. I ain’t hard to find you come tell me that sh*t to my face. Also I want to send my condolences and a get well soon to Big Moe from the S.U.C. He had a heart attack. We want to let his family know we praying for him and we pray for a full and speedy recovery because that can happen to any of us. I just want to say that from the bottom of my heart. And on that note I’m speaking from UGK the group. We good for now Pimping?

Pimp C: Yes Sir. Chuuch.

Pimp C: Chuuch.

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