Hip-Hop Rumors: An Insane Amount Of Biggie Rumors!


I don’t know if you know, but there are a lot of Biggie Smalls rumors out there. But I had not a CLUE that there were THIS many rumors out there! The ill Community posted the following and at the end of the post there is a link for more! Sheesh! Check them out.

– There are rumors of a Hypnotize original to exist where Biggie is also singing the chorus

– The Source Magazine wanted Biggie to appear on an “Unsigned Hype” album that would include all of the unsigned hype artists featured in 1992. The contract was less then what Biggie wanted, so he never recorded for that album

– There are rumors of an original version of Victory to exist where Biggie is rapping all verses, including Puffy’s

– DJ Red Spyda (a G-Unit affiliate) claimed to have an unheard Biggie and Mase song that he was going to unearth on one of his mixtapes in 2003. That song has since not been unearthed.

– In 2008, Ready to Die producer Easy Mo Bee, said that he has an unreleased and never leaked song titled “Money, Hoes and Clothes” that was a song left off of “Ready To Die”.

– Puffy was working on a documentary about Biggie’s life titled “Born Again” that he was going to narrate. It was originally planned to be released in 1997.

– A 1992 song called “Big Up It’s a Stick Up” was recorded featuring 3rd Eye, Biggie, Ol Dirty Bastard and LS. Many have tried digging up this track, but in the end were unsuccessful. According to some, Puff is the only person to have the song. This song is rumored to be a left over from “Ready To Die”.

– There is also rumored to be a reference track for “Getting Money Remix” where Biggie is rapping all versions of the song, including Lil’ Cease and Lil’ Kim’s verses

– There are rumors that Biggie and E-40 were planning to record a track together after burying their beef. Biggie was k!lled shortly after that and the song was never recorded.

– There were reports that along with a Lauryn Hill dedication song on Born Again, DMX was also going to release a Biggie tribute song. No word on if that song was recorded or not.

– Daz also claims to have recorded two songs with Biggie in 1994 before the beef with 2Pac. Daz said he was going to release them and never did. He later claimed he was ready to sell them for a million each.

– Biggie once said in an interview that he has a really early tape of him rapping raw (that was unedited, unscripted, unwritten, not practiced) of him freestyling for 60 minutes over EPMD instrumentals. That tape has never been found

– Biggie had recorded a song with Mary J Blige for her album “My Life”, but the song was cut from the final album because of Biggie’s overly s3xual lyrical matter

– The original version of the song “Ready To Die” was not released due to sampling clearance issues

– Big Punisher had said that he met Biggie before he passed and was ready to record a song with if him. That song was never recorded.

– Prodigy was originally supposed to be on the Life After de@th song Last Days.

– Biggie and Shaq had planned to record a song in 1994, years before they recorded “Cant Stop The Reign”

– There are rumors to be a Part II to the Dreamz of ####ing an R and B #### song. The song is allegedly called “Punchin An MC Snitch (Just Hatin)” where Biggie is taking shots at MCs.

– Biggie had recorded an original version of “The World Is Filled…” with Too Short and West Coast rapper Richie Rich. Eventually Richie Rich’s verse was taken off and replaced with Puffy

– Gimme The Loot was going to have a remix with a special guest from Nas. Nas never showed up to the recording. Typical Nas.

– In between Born Again and Biggie Duets, Mr. Cee was going to release a retail album (not a mixtape) of pre-Ready to Die songs that he recorded with Biggie. This was going to be released on Mr. Cee’s Beat Street Records.

– “Rise” is a song rumored to have been recorded for Life After de@th along with Fat Joe. The song as of yet has not surfaced.

– There is rumored to be an unreleased song with Biggie and Black Rob titled “Overstand”

– On Biggie’s original first demo tape is a 4th track which is a DJ Red Alert Promo. That has been not been released and there is very little information on it.

– Biggie at one point had a goal of recording “a positive and emotional album with the most sophisticated singers in the industry.” He said he wanted to record with Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Cassandra Wilson for the album. There is no concrete information on whether or not those songs were recorded.

– Biggie had said in an interview that he was trying to make a song with Erick Sermon in 1995. It is unknown if he and Erick Sermon recorded that song

– There are rumors that Biggie and Tupac recorded a song for “Ready To Die” in its early stages that was not put on the album

– There are speculations that Biggie has a special guest appearance on a remix to Diana King’s 1995 hit “Shy Guy”. As of now, that remix track has never been found.

– Biggie was going to be on The Isley Brothers song “Floating”. He was supposed to be on the remix of the song, but never recorded it because he was in the hospital from a car accident.

– Ray J once said in an interview that Biggie was going to be on a remix of his, “Everything That You Want”.

– The original version of n@sty Boy was called “n@sty Girl” (not the Duets song) and sampled Prince. The sample never cleared and the retail version changed to “n@sty Boy”

– The original version of “Life After de@th” had more than 30 tracks, the retail version of the album contained only 24 tracks. There are more than 7 unreleased songs from “Life After de@th” unreleased

– Fat Joe has said that he and Biggie were going to record a full album together called Twinz when Fat Joe was going to sign to Bad Boy Records.

– Fat Joe also said in a 2013 interview, that he and Biggie recorded and completed 4 songs together. He also didn’t know who has the rights to these songs or where there are.

– The original version of “4 My Peeps” actually had Biggie, Crustified Dibbs, and Akinyele. That version has never been released

– The original version of “Warning” which has never been released, is equalized differently and sounds different from the retail version

– Biggie was going to be on Capone and Noreaga’s song TONY. He was k!lled before recording that remix.

– Born Again was going to contain a remix to “Gimme The Loot” featuring Black Rob.

– In an interview in 1996, Biggie stated that he wanted Warren G to be a part of Life After de@th. He and Warren G were good friends prior to the beef with Tupac and de@throw. That beef is the reason the two never recorded a song together.

– Many claim that Biggie wrote most of Lil’ Kim’s debut album and recorded reference tracks for each song.

– Biggie had wanted to record a song produced by Large Professor for Life After de@th. It is unknown at this time whether or not that track was actually recorded.



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