Meek Mill Wants You To Get 24K Sound In Your Ear

Meek Mill Endorsed 24K Monster Headphones Are A Hit

Monster’s new 24K Headphones, introduced in the Hip-Hop world by Meek Mill’s IG posts, have finally arrived. The gold headphones is a glistening example of where Monster Headphones is making an impression with this device. Meek Mill helped usher these elite headphones into our social media but, artist like Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti bit also athletes like Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks RB), Jadevon Clowney (Texans DE) and Andrew Wiggins (Timberwolves SF). With all the star power backing this product, you want to see if the product matches the hype.

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After examining the packaging I see that you have a tangle free DJ in-line mic cable and your standard in line cable with the ControlTalk Universal™ In Line Controls. Also, you get a 1/8 studio converter and a cloth carry case.

Sound. Now the moment I’ve been waiting for, the moment I placed the super plush headphones over my ears, I instantly noticed that there’s of starch contrast to any other headphones a place around my ears. Now it’s time to do the soundcheck,  I start playing Drake’s “0 to 100,” I immediately hear the bass. The depth of sound is so intense, I actually heard instrument differentiation that I didn’t experience on my other previous headphones. The sound on the 24k is superior to much of what is out today.

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Since these headphones are all about style, I take these headphones along to a meeting that I have with Jimmy Cozier’s manager, Spice. I showed Spice the headphones and he was impressed. I ask him to give them listen with a couple song’s and the first thing he said was “these are DJ headphones.” You definitely get that DJ/studio feel when you have these headphones and as an added feature, the ear cups actually swivel back as an aded use for the DJ while he is spinning and hearing his environment. If your a DJ, you really want to have a pair of these to rock your next set.

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Style. So my next test is the style factor. I take headphones on a stroll through the city and test the microphone out with a phone call. Of course, people noticed these gold headphones, the whoa factor was evident by other people’s faces as they took a second peek at the headphones. My phone conversation was the best I’ve ever had on any set of headphones. Clear audio and now issues with the other party hearing me at all.  They passed my phone call with flying colors.

NCR-OVE_MILL-REN-C01-020514-R6 flat

Vibing Out. Now it’s time to take it to a few full music test. I’ll start playing random songs to my playlist and then I realized that with this base I have to check out Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z “Movin’ Bass.” Again, the music range is incredible, the bass was superb. The lows and highs are very clear and the bass so rich. The quality of sound matches style of these headphones, so you would want to show them off visually and won;t be afraid to let them listen to them with that classic Pure Monster Sound, however; I’m sure you want let them go further than 10 feet before you make sure your friend doesn’t “forget” your headphones on their head!

The only issue that I have with these headphones, is that if you have something so flashy, I would hope that there would have been a hardshell carrying case for the headphones. They did include a monster clean cloth which, I thought was a great touch, but the cloth/fabric case that is provided I thought was not adequate for these type of headphones.

NCR-OVE_MILL-REN-D01-020514-R6 flat_stitching

Overall, I have to say, these are one of the best sounding headphones I’ve ever heard and as for style, the 24K headphones get a 10. If you walk down the street with these 24K headphones, you’re sure to get stares, complement and inquiries on where you got these headphones. Just to give example of the quality of these headphones, I wrote this entire article through my microphone on the Monster 24K. The best feature of these headphones is the bling factor. Style and sound encapsulated in one scorching hot headphone. Theses area sure fire hit.

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