FIFTH Drops Debut Album ‘One Years Old’

Take a listen to brand new music from Bay Area rapper FIFTH.

FIFTH is here to put on for the Bay Area. At a very young age, real name Cliff Henderson V fell in love with music, specifically R&B and soul. In middle school, he fell in love with hip-hop and began putting his pen to the paper.

Influenced heavily by some of the greats such as Tupac and Jay Z, he went on to freestyle battle his peer on high school blacktops — and won.

Born into a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses, FIFTH went against the grain even after being baptized at the age of 9. As his beliefs clashed with theirs, he was “disfellowshipping,” leaving him neglected by friends and family.

This sparked a deep depression but thankfully, music would be his saving grace.

Now, he releases his debut album titled One Years Old, showcasing his story from the very beginning.

Through the project, FIFTH walks listeners through his childhood and into adulthood, where he learned his true reality.