The New Lady Gaga? Minny Niiche Is Well On Her Way!

Minny Niiche

Minny Niiche has already performed with Too Short, Cypress Hill, EPMD, Ice-T, Big Daddy Kane, Bone Thugs, and Harmony and has people calling her the new Lady GaGa!

Coming from the town of Galesburg, Michigan, Minny Niiche is an American pop singer, songwriter, actress, and model.

This multi-talented musician writes a plethora of music for a wide range of audiences. A lot of where Minny’s love for music stemmed from her grandfather’s passion for music as well – Charles Mench.

Growing up in a smaller town, Niiche began writing and performing gospel and country music for her church, even performing at local mic night events. As Niiche continued cultivating her skill and love for music, she went on to sing the National Anthem, covers, and even her own original music at various venues, ranging from school to charity events. As time went on, Niiche came into contact with local cinematographer, director, film-maker, and talent agent MJ Harrell, who saw the great talent and skill that Minny Niiche has and wanted to help give her the direction she needed to achieve great things in the music business. There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to experiencing Minny Niiche’s music and other works, including her diverse fashion choices and musical lyrics that truly speak to the soul!

Minny Niiche has performed with major acts such as rap legends Too Short, Cypress Hill, EPMD, and also Ice-T. Big Daddy Kane, Bone Thugs, and Harmony, and Mr.Biggs of The SoulSonic Force Mc’s and others this is just to name a few.

Managed by MJ Harrell and co-managed by rap legend Ice-T’s East Coast manager Mickey Bentson, Minny Niiche’s debut album titled “Niiche” is out now on Pay Up Records/Empire Distribution/MJ Harrell

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