"A Bay Bay" Rapper Hurricane Chris Busted For Murder

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Hurricane Chris is in some serious trouble in Shreveport, Louisiana where he is accused of killing a man.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Hurricane Chris is facing some rather serious charges in New Orleans.

According to police, the rapper, best known for the hit single "A Bay Bay" was locked up in Shreveport early this morning June 19th. 

The cops were called to a local gas station in response to a shooting just after 1 a.m., where they found a victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. 

Hurricane Chris, born Christopher Dooley Jr., became involved in a dispute with a man he claimed was trying to steal his vehicle.

However, the cops released footage showing Hurricane Chris acting as the aggressor and investigators have learned the vehicle was stolen. 

The victim was transported to an area hospital and died from his injuries.

Hurricane Chris is facing a charge of second-degree murder and illegal possession of stolen things.

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and another one bites the dust... LOL


Well keep it out little secrete...Biggie.


Crazy how you big mad an hatin on someone doing a good job..where is the all this frivolousness ...they stated facts..are you mad dude got caught up ..we need to build each other up not tear down ...effort is the battle.they took the time an effort an put their name on the story.. did you🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️..


Crazy how lighthearted and frivolous this clown ass writer is making it. Always this disconnect A students writing about stuff they don’t need to be writing about.