Kangol Kid’s Fight To Get His Belongings A Year After His Death

Kangol Kid

Kangol Kid passed away a year ago today, but his children have a new legal fight on their hands.

Rapper Kangol Kid died a year ago today, losing a fight to cancer at the age of 55. Today, his children say they are in the midst of a new fight to get his belongings back.

Kangol Kid was a multi-talented Hip-Hop artist that acted in a variety of capacities as a producer, songwriter, dancer, and emcee. Kangol he also was a member of the seminal rap act UTFO, which yielded a number of hits.

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However, his sons T. Shaun, AJ, and Gio, maintain his widow has taken the rappers things from a storage space and will not return it to them. Furthermore, they maintain that Tajiri Swindell, the mother of the rap legends daughter, was never legally married to Kangol Kid, as was widely believed.

It appears the two factions are headed to a legal showdown if it continues. T. Shaun said it was not an easy decision. “This fight is heartbreaking to do but I have to do it,” he said.

T. Shaun charged that her father’s will say his thing be split between the kids.

“She went to the storage of my father without our permission and grabbed everything, and claimed that she was doing us a favor,” he in the video post. “She took everything to her house and is now making it a fight for me and my brothers to get the stuff that belongs to us.” He also said they do not have the money to lawyer up and plan to set up a GoFundMe to allow their supporters to aid them.

Swindell has not commented on the allegations, but kept her steadfast love of Kangol as the only remarks she has made publicly.

She responded to an old “I Love You Text” from her former partner.

“And I love you so much more baby … sitting here reading through our old texts a year has passed so fast…I thank God I have these and our memories to share with Cia when she gets older,” She said on IG. “she has your whole face and your fun spirit but you already know that because you are watching over us …. We love and miss you sooo much!!! Continue to Sleep Easy baby I still got us, I promise!!!”

Meanwhile, the sons took to social media to get help and to raise awareness about their plight. See the video below.

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