Listeners Trash Antonio Brown's New Single "Whole Lotta Money"

AllHipHop Staff

Antonio Brown just debuted his single "Whole Lotta Money" and social media is not happy with it.

(AllHipHop News) Antonio Brown just released a new single "Whole Lotta Money" and social media is not happy with it.

The NFL star wide receiver had earlier promised to launch his rap career and he finally delivered on over the weekend, when he told his fans via twitter to stream the new single.

Brown's new single "Whole Lotta Money" is 1:50 seconds of repetitive rap.

The lyrics are basically about his money and NFL career, as he repeats continuously that he has lots of cash to blow.

The feedback Brown received from social media was more than disappointing.

Some fans called it "trash" while others said "Whole Lotta Money" just "sucked."

Antonio Brown had released a teaser video of the song on December 23 in which he was seen flaunting cash, jewelry, and clothes.

In the video, he is surrounded by women wearing masks and underwear.

Some listeners begged for Antonio to go back to NFL so he does not torture music listeners.

Antonio Brown is currently facing NFL meltdown after being released by Patriots due to allegations of sexual assault, claims which he has denied.

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“Fans” today are so phony! This is like every “hit song” I hear everywhere. This is Future, NBA, French Montana, Playboi Carti etc. They are selectively choosing to diss this guy because they are fake af. If they like you your BS goes #1 if they don’t they get popular by trolling against you. Has nothing to do with the quality of his crappy song though. Bitches.


Drinking to much wack juice . You can tell when a person ain't never have shit


How does this sound any different than anything out here now? If y'all think this wack hope you feel the same about everything else.