Migos Affiliate Accuses Chain Snatcher Of Filing A Restraining Order; Donno Wildass Responds


(AllHipHop News) Migos member Quavo may have claimed his chains are still “dangling” in a recent video he added to Instagram, but according to GBE member Capo’s IG page the chain that was taken in Washington, DC was in the possession of Donno Wildass.

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In a series of photo posts, Capo displays Donno with the neck piece. Check out the IG posts with captions below.

Damn It’s All Bad Quavo! My Sluttys Caught U Walkin on Bananas ?If you Want it Back U gotta Pay Hommage Lil Bitch! @QuavoYrn

@Donno_WildAss ??

A photo posted by AlmightyGlo (@elcappgguod) on

KollegeKidd is also reporting that an associate of the Atlanta-based rap group alleges a restraining order has been issued against him by the individuals that took Quavo’s chain. Migo Bands claimed in an IG vid that he was charged with aggravated assault in DC after the fight at Stadium Club.

The caption read:

These niccas p***y and police at the same time fucc @donno_Wildass fucc @elcappgguod This n***as ain’t Robbin they informants @migosatl

Migos Band’s allegation led to Donno Wildass responding with his own IG post:

@migobands Bluffin Ass N***a Now Show That Paper Work

@migobands Bluffin Ass Nigga Now Show That Paper Work

A photo posted by ??????????????1⃣ (@donno_wildass) on

??? So This What All The Fuss About #Legteam #PurgeTeam #BlowCheeze

A video posted by ??????????????1⃣ (@donno_wildass) on

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