Dre Has Fans Booted

Dr. Dre is following in the footsteps of Metallica, and attempting to have the names of the fans that swapped his songs on Napster banned from the service. Dre, who hired the software company NetPD (who also did the work for Metallica) is also represented by the same lawyer, Howard King.

50 Cent Shot 3 Times

50 Cent (born Curtis Jackson), the artist behind the “How To Rob” song, that infuriated many rappers, was shot once in each leg and in the jaw Wednesday in New York City. He is in Jamaica Hospital in stable condition. 50 Cent, who is 22 years old, was sitting in a parked car with 22 […]

50 Cent

Blaze Magazine Closes Shop

Blaze Magazine was shut down by Vibe/Spin Ventures for consistently falling short in meeting advertising and circulation requirements. The June/July issue will be the last issue, with Mannie Fresh on one cover, the other with Swizz Beats. In October, Larry Flynt Publications also gave the ax to Rappages, but the magazine is scheduled to relaunch […]

DMX: Over 10 Million Sold!

Def Jam has issued a press release stating that DMX has sold a whopping ten million albums since 1998. He released three multi-platinum albums in over one year, and has been on 2 of the most successful Hip-Hop tours in history. His first album, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot, debuted at No. 1 on […]

Ice-T To Sign Autographs

Ice T will be signing autographs this Friday at the E3Expo at Fox’s interactive booth to support his starring role in the upcoming Sci-Fi game, "Sanity, Aiken’s Artifact." The Iceberg will record the voice for the main character, Agent Nathaniel Cain. In the game, the player assumes the role of Cain, who serve’s the public, […]

Ice Cube To Star In New Film

Ice Cube has given a commitment to star in a movie titled Stray Dawgz, which will be directed by Gregory Dark. Ice Cube and Darryl Quarles, who authored the script, will be produced by Ice Cubes’ CubeVision. The story is about a parolee who discovers he is the ancestor of a line of werewolf hunters. […]

Layzie Bone To Release New Album

Layzie Bone and the Mo Thug family are releasing Layzie Bone presents The Mo Thugs III Mothership. The CD features 17 tracks, with 7 of them featuring Layzie himself. The first single is titled Did He Really Wanna, and it features the latest members of the crew, Desperidos. "We wanted to bring that thug sound […]

Dre Warns Napster

Dr. Dre is the latest artist to issue a warning to Napster, the software company that allows users to scan each others hard drives for MP3’s. Dre gave Napster until Friday to take his song catalog out of the directory, claiming that it is infringing on his copyrights. Dre sent a letter to Napsters CEO […]

Large Professor Still Live

The Large Professor headlined a performance in Manhattan last Wednesday (April 19), with guests including Da Cella Dwellas, El Da Sensi (The Artifacts), The Supafriendz (with crew member Mad Skillz), and Mr. Complex. Although at times the sound wasn’t that great, the performances made up for any technical difficulties. Da Cella Dwellas hit the stage […]

DJ Uneek Opens Store

DJ Uneek has opened in new record store in South Central Los Angeles. The Music Zone is located on Vermont Ave and MLK Blvd. The Music Zone is going to stock the latest Underground Hip-Hop, Indie music, Reggae, and Latin Music, as well as vintage music, and custom made CD’s and Mix-Tapes. The store also […]

Outlawz File Lawsuit

The Outlawz have filed a 4.5 Million dollar lawsuit against Death Row Records, Interscope Records, Suge Publishing, Suge Knight Films, and the imprisoned Suge Knight. The suit filed in Los Angeles cites 11 complaints, including unfair business practices, breach of contract and racketeering. The group entered into a contract with Death Row in 1997, and […]

Money B Questioned

Money B was one of the dozens of witnesses questioned by police and released without being charged, after record producer and cofounder of Ronlan Entertainment, Ronald Blackburn was shot and killed. Blackburn died outside the upscale Glas Kat Supper Club in San Francisco’s South of Market District. The incident occurred around 1:30 am, Thursday morning […]

Wu-Tang Skips Lawyer Bills

The Wu-Tang Clan has been hit with a lawsuit by ex Entertainment Attorney Edwin McPherson, saying that the group hasn’t paid their legal bill, to the tune of $35,000. McPherson says the group members approached him in February to defend them against charges from a woman who appeared in one of their videos. The woman […]