Rap Meets Boxing

In one corner: hip hop, the undisputed movement of youth in America. In the opposite corner: a special edition of Thunderbox, round-robin style, featuring a $100,000 grand prize for the boxer that emerges victoriously through three matches, which are each three rounds in length. Assembling under one roof, the two worlds will convene in an […]

‘A Call For Self-Destruction 2’

Daddy-O of Stetsasonic is leading a sequel to 1989’s Stop The Violence Movement, including “Self Destruction Part 2,” the monumental song that featured 80s icon Public Enemy, MC Lyte, Just Ice, Stetasonic, KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions. Daddy-O’s call comes in the aftermath of the murder of JMJ, who was slain a week ago.. Hip-hop […]

Run DMC Retires; Coalition Speaks

Run-DMC announced today that they are officially retiring from rap, following the murder of their DJ, Jam Master Jay. The announcement came earlier today as various movers and shakers in the hip-hop community gathered to show solidarity within the hip-hop community. The bombshell news came during a press conference to announce a “coalition,” to help […]

Hip-Hop 101 Prepares To Drop

Learn Tha Game Productions has announced plans to release a series of documentaries that will feature well-known hip-hop artists, producers, deejays and executives, speaking on their accounts of the entertainment industry. The first installment, Learn Tha Game: Hip-Hop 101 is slated to address the business tactics involved in the industry. While filming the documentary, producer […]

Benzino Fires Back At Em

After Eminem phoned in to New York’s Hot 97 to reply to a dis by Benzino with such quips as “HasBenzino,” Philly’s Power 99 featured Benzino explaining the origin of the riff between the two. The Boston-bred rapper said his song was more of a slight against the machine of the music industry, rather than […]

Russell Reflects On JMJ

STATEMENT FROM RUSSELL SIMMONS — CHAIRMAN OF HIP-HOP SUMMIT ACTION NETWORK — ON JAM MASTER JAY For nearly 20 years, Run-DMC has been the closest thing to gospel artists that the contemporary music community has had. They talked about God and their higher selves, the importance of staying away from drugs, and generally inspirational and […]