Rapper Goonew Big Wick Shot Dead in District Heights


Rapper Goonew Big Wick has died after being shot in District Heights. Law enforcement have not identified the suspect in the killing.

Maryland rapper Goonew Big Wick has died after being shot in District Heights. Law enforcement has not identified the suspect in the killing.

Several outlets have reported tragic news.

The Washington Post says a Black man the streets are saying is Big Wick, was murdered on the 3400 block of Walters Lane in the City of District Heights on Friday, Mar. 18 at 5:40 p.m. 

The buzzing rapper was rushed to a local hospital, but medical professionals could not save his life.

The crime scene is thought to be a residential street near the edge of a commercial area just south of Pennsylvania Avenue. 

The rising star had three songs of note, “Dance Party,” “Flip Phone,” and “Stain,” which set him up for a promising career. 

During an interview with AllHipHop, Goonew explained his upbringing in Forrest Creek, Maryland. 

“It’s like any hood neighborhood that’s tough growing up,” Goonew told AllHipHop.com. “Police mess with you all day, there’s shootouts, robbery, all types of stuff going on. You have to move and know what you’re doing.”

The rapper’s Instagram, which boasts about 156K followers and only has two posts, has been flooded with red hearts, white doves, and #RIPs for the slain soldier.

His last picture was posted the day before his death. It is a picture of him in a black and white outfit, looking as if he was cradling cough syrup or a. Pedialyte bottle.

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One person wrote under the black heart caption, “You gave the hood hope, Rip slime.” Another said, “You hurt the hood bra.”

“Not you tho big cuz💔” rapper Black Fortune said, “Just broke my heart twin 🤦🏾‍♂️”

Fans also took to Twitter to send their condolences.

Money for Water tweeted a few covers of some of the projects he put out, “rip goonew rip big wick.”


This is a joke responded to the news by simply saying, “Damn, bro.”

Ed50Ld50 said, “We couldn’t even go a full week without another one. Smh”


The shooting was under investigation Friday night.