Sources: Death Of Stretch Walker No Accident, Drug Hit

Prosecutors recently named Ronald “Tinard” Washington as one of two gunmen who burst into Jam Master Jay’s Hollis, Queens studio and served as a lookout while another gunman shot and killed the DJ.

(AllHipHop News) As part of the investigation, prosecutors claim Washington was one of three men involved in a fatal car crash involving Live Squad member and rapper Randy “Stretch”Walker.

According to reports, Washington, who was a close associate of Jam Master Jay, allegedly fired out of a back window, causing Walker’s minivan to crash.

Contrary to published reports, sources told that Walker’s death was actually the result of a drug hit.

“Stretch had robbed a big drug dealer of over 10 bricks (kilos),” a confidential source told “There was pressure on the street for him to give those drugs back. And when he didn’t, a hit was issued and Tinard and three other men took it. They turned that van into swiss cheese with the Akiller (AK-47) and they had orders to make sure that at the very least, Stretch was dead.”

“Walker was present when Shakur was shot in the lobby of Quad Studios in Manhattan in an apparent robbery attempt.

He was killed one-year to the day of the Quad shooting, leading many conspiracy theorists to believe his death was an act of revenge.