Was Azealia Banks Banned From Facebook For Calling Brazilians “Third World Freaks”?


(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks is starting to run out of social media platforms.

The controversial artist was kicked off Twitter last year for what were perceived to be racist comments directed at Pop singer Zayn Malik.

Banks is also no longer on Facebook.

According to reports, the “212” performer’s account may have been removed from the site because of her statements about the citizens of Brazil.

“I didn’t know they had internet in the favela,” stated Banks. “When are all of these third world freaks going to stop spamming my page with broken English over things they know nothing about.”

There is speculation that Banks may have deleted her own Facebook page over negative comments from other users.

Over the weekend, the Harlem native expressed concerned about supposed bots taking over the comment section of her page.

Many users criticized her for admitting that she sacrifices chickens for religious reasons.

Banks wrote, “I tried moving from Twitter to Insta to Facebook to try and get away from the pests, but they just follow me EVERYWHERE I GO LOL.”

The Azealia Banks verified Instagram page is still active.

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