Did Lira Galore Go After Everyone In MMG Before Getting With Rick Ross?

The music and entertainment industries are very small but even still there are some decent dating options within and beyond.

Photo via Lira’s Instagram

Sometimes it feels like it’s way too small. Can’t these rappers date someone else! Fans have been letting Rick Ross’ fiancee, Lira Galore, have it as they have dug up “proof” that she tried to get with the entire MMG before getting to Rozay. Fans wasted no time digging up her tweets to Wale & Meek Mill. Lira has responded saying that everyone has young crushes. A picture of Lira with Meek Mill in her stripping days has been floating for a while also. It seems like Miss Lira had a motive and a plan!

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 "Lira Galore"