DON IMUS LOOKS FOR A BLACK FACE You knew we hadn’t heard the last of Don Imus, right? Well, there are rumors abound that the Imus Man aka Mr. Nappy Headed Hoe has a new job. Now, I heard a rumor months ago that Imus secured a gig in satellite radio, but he must have […]


You knew we hadn’t heard the last of Don Imus, right? Well, there are

rumors abound that the Imus Man aka Mr. Nappy Headed Hoe has a new job.

Now, I heard a rumor months ago that Imus secured a gig in satellite

radio, but he must have been looking for something extra. Guess what

that extra is? A BLACK FEMALE CO-HOST! According to EURweb, Imus is out

at comedy clubs looking for Black female comics to join him in

September when he is supposed to be coming back. The sidekick would

keep him in “check” in the event any racial jokes pop up. Shouldn’t he

have a co-host for every single race since he is a equal opportunity

racist? Get the eff outta here Don Imus!REMY MA: “I DIDN’T SHOOT NOBODY!”

Remy Ma reportedly has all sorts of reporters crawling around her house trying to get an interview out of her. They sure are brave. Anyway, Remy reportedly shouted to them, “I didn’t shoot my friend. I didn’t shoot nobody,” Rem said according to the Daily News. There you have it – innocent! I’m just kidding, but this is crazy. For the record, I hope that the girl that was shot is doing better. Also, check out the interview with a Remy Ma’s friend that charges the rapper didn’t actually do the shooting. I can’t call it, but its an interesting counterpoint and sounds like she was actually there for real, for real.


My girl Kendra didn’t even holla – failed intel! On Sunday night Chi-Town had a Summer Jam even with artists like Lil’ Wayne, Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Young Buck, Fat Joe, and Lil Boosie. So my dude BoLord tells me Fat Joe comes off stage and comes back stage, where Young Buck is. Buck says something like, “What’s up now, you fat mother f**ker!” At that point, I heard Buck or somebody from his camp throws a water bottle at Joe. At that point, all the crews start fighting and people get arrested. I heard the promoters of the event are HEATED, because they lost a gang of money. Grown men…smh.


I heard Ne-Yo got his swerve on over there in the UK! Some girl named Charley Uchea (of the UK’s “Big Brother” show) allegedly begged Ne-Yo to hit her off and the rapper turned her down, even after she invited a Playmate model for a trio. Well, Kaya Bousquet – the Playmate – was dancing with Ne-Yo and Charley – rumored to be a stripper – got in on the action. She wanted some attention so I heard she started to rub all over Kaya’s knockers. Well, they got Ne-Yo’s attention. They kissed and grinded on the dance floor. Kaya was the tool of Charley to get to Ne-Yo, but Kaya declined the offer, because she’s got a man. So, faithful! Ne-Yo is rumored to have caved in and took Charley back to the UK lab, his suite at Kempinski Courthouse Hotel. Nobody quite knows what happened, but rumor has is Charley was bragging about how great it was and that she even broke down Ne-Yo’s protective manage. You go girl!! (One person told me that Kaya is the one that digs the celebrities. Maybe she just didn’t like Ne-Yo.)

You know I had to look her up. Here is a video that gives you a great idea of who she is and all that good stuff.

The UK accent is soooooo cool.


Looks like Ja Rule is mounting the comeback! I heard even The Game is coming through to bless The Mirror.


Skee TV on AllHipHop.com! Check out an exclusive video of the Game! Just click right here, my friends. 50 Cent even makes and appearance with Kurupt, Kanye and others!

Mike Jones presents: The American Hater! Check it out!

Talib Kweli: Booking Agent. Talib gives hope to intelligent Hip-Hop. Check it out!

Dat New Boyz in da Hood!

Dilated Peoples have a new project coming out. I think you need to get a sneak preview!


What is going on with Paris Hilton and Suge Knight? They said that that party I mentioned before, he cleared out all the bathrooms so Paris could poop in peace. SMH.

Looks like Diddy and his people have about 10,000 legit submissions to go through for his assistant position. Wow!

Ever think Kelly would leave Matthew Knowles? I don’t either, but rumor has it she might depart for Violator management.

Raz-B is coming back, B2K fans! He drops his first independent single “Fire” on Genre Records. The song is on a compilation album.

From what I understand (but didn’t research), Darius McCrary (“Family Matters” & Superhead flirt) was the voice of Jazz on “The Transformers.” That was foul how that whole thing went down. I’m not gonna spoil it, but I was heated!!

Angelina Jolie was very close to Brad Pitt, because he took his daughter to see his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Angelina looks like she will cut something.

Get better Dave! Dave Chappelle was admitted to the hospital due to exhaustion. Those that have been saying its drugs…are wrong!

Awwwww…there are new pictures on the net that suggest that Ray-J and Lil’ Kim were kissing and making out in the back of a car. We’ll see!

No Ghostface on the new Wu Tang album? That’s like Run DMC with no DMC! That’s like cornflakes without the milk!


So Jon Lovitz is mostly known as a chubby funny man. Crack a joke about his homeboy Phil Hartman and he’s on that Dick (pause!). That is exactly what happened. Brynn Hartman, his wife at the time, shot and killed him while he slept in 1998. Well, Andy Dick was just that last week when he cracked a joke about Phil. Lovitz allegedly took his head and smashed it into the bar of the Laugh Factory like five times causing the blood to flow like Big Pun on his first album. I don’t know if he is going to press charges on Big Jon!


Everybody is riding for their homies these days! Victoria Beckham has reportedly called Eddie Murphy the “Beverly Hills C**k,” a play off his hit movie “Beverly Hills Cop.” He also threatened to cut his manhood off for dissin’ his girl Mel B aka Black Spice! “I’d spit in his food definitely. I would chop his d**k off too!” she reportedly said. Wow.


Check out this video. I’m not sure!



I’m definitely not saying they are beefing, but it just seems odd to me.


This boy gets so mad at the computer; his world is coming to an end. I think he needs to get out and play or something.

Here is something of a far more serious nature. Want to see something that is similar to “Loose Change?” Check it out here (Shout out to Manifest).


Lauryn Hill – Please, work it out – PLEASE! I’m scared.

The love of my young life! I curse ‘Clef for his role in this!

This is the homey Migs from the West Coast. Here he is from Hot Dolla. Honestly, that could be any Black dude, but I trust the homey tells the truth. West West Y’all!


I stopped doing my throwback videos, but I think I will start ‘em back up! This is Truth Hurts. Remember her? This was the shiznit! I loved this song, “Addictive.”

The baddest b***h that T.I. knows. You remember this classic joint?


You know, two weeks ago, I couldn’t have told you what a Danity Kane was. Now, I know all about them. The girl D. Wood has posted a blog on myspace, where she lets it be known her position with the group. I saved this for last, because it so freakin’ long! Here is that post.

“I felt the time has come for me to address the statements made about me concerning my status in Danity Kane. I wasn’t going to, but things have spun out of control and alot of peopele are wondering what’s up.

On Tuesday morning I woke up to the sound of email after email and phone call after phone call, all asking, “yo is this true…you left the group”? I myself was shocked, i didnt know what was going on, who said this and why. All i do know is rumors are started everyday and like I was always told ” As long as they talking about you…” ( Shout out to Wendy Williams, love you girl).

However the problem begins when those on the inside circle fuel the rumors and put out false statements and and speak on behalf of those in question, namely me or anyone the rumor is about. Its very messy, reads as malice, and is just not a good look all together. But yet again, the REAL problem REALLY begins, or reveals itself, when trying to address these premature and unprofessional actions.

***Statements and feelings expressed were unexpectedly heard, deep seeded feelings that were harbored and never fully dealt with. I urge, be careful sidekick users (or anyone screening your calls to avoid confrontation). there tends to be a delay on the “end” button on these devices or if you’re not careful you might hit “send” and call someone without knowing it.***

I wont go into what was heard but i will say that my time as a member of DK has been a rocky rollercoaster with blows coming from all angles. But i have enjoyed it, gave my all, added to my artistry, met alot of great people, and have seen alot of things. I’ve been blessed to be a founding member of this group, so NO i havent left. I have extended myself in many ways and have been up front and inclusive about everything i’ve done since joining Danity Kane. I havent left the group, and when the time comes for us to pursue our other desires it will be in a much more professional manner.

For those wondering about “The Girls Club”, it is not a group that i have left DK for. It is an organization i’ve been apart of since before DK. It is my writing team made up of myself, SHANELL aka SNL and MIKA MEANS, along with a crew of many females doing their thing in the industry to create a movement of BOSS B*!@HES. If you wanna learn more about us check out myspace.com/thegirlsclub07 and look out for THE GIRLS CLUB MIXTAPE featuring remixes and original tracks from MIKA MEANS SHANELL aka SNL, D.WOODS and friends but most importantly some of my group members AUBREY AND DAWN of DANITY KANE.”

much love and thanks for the support!

ya girl D.WOODSI’m glad to have helped in the creation of this letter -illseed!

And I am I’m out like Gary Coleman unless I gotta come back like THE HOFF!


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