Is YK Osiris Suicidal Over Drake And DaBaby?

YK Osiris is rumored to be suicidal because, in part at least, DaBaby and Drake are no longer his friend. Pray for YK!

YK Osiris is a young singer that is actually talented. Can I name one of his songs? No. I know tat he is talented because I know! And, he has a lot of top tier affiliations that mean he has to have some talent. I saw him hanging with Drake. There were these weird rumors that he was Diddy’s “boy toy,” which was really strange to me. I am not here to spread rumors today! I am here out of an overabundance of concern!

The internets are saying that YK might be going through a mental breakdown or even having suicidal thoughts! I am not the one! I want this young man to be well. But, I also want him to stop comparing his worth to the very people that I mentioned before!

Well, now the boy is feeling really low because people like Drake and DaBaby no longer mess with him. What did he think they were, friends? I don’t get it! I hope that he comes to his mental senses and realizes that those people are probably not his buds, especially if they are cool with dropping him so easily.

In an IG rant, he alluded to no longer wanting to live.

“Who cares about Osiris? Nobody cares, nobody f***s with you. If I crash out right now, how would people feel? I don’t got nobody, I don’t got no friends.”

“Drake don’t f***k with me either. Me and Drake don’t talk. Me and Lil Baby don’t talk. Nobody in the industry f***s with Osiris. Nobody. So don’t keep using that s***t people. We don’t talk. Lil Baby don’t f***k with me no more. Drake don’t f***k with me no more. Nobody f***ks with Osiris. So why the f*** do I keep living? Y’all not getting it. So you tell me why should I keep living? I don’t get it. Y’all tell me all types of s***, but I’m giving you explanations, why should I keep living?”

Well, I hope he sobered up or got some help from a professional in the mental health field. This isn’t what we need.

Let us rock out to “Freaky Dancer” featuring DaBaby.