Kevin Gates Alleged Sextape Has The Rapper Trending!


Kevin Gates is all over the internet and music has nothing to do with it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kevin Gates is one of the premier confusing people in Hip-Hop, but things are apparently getting clearer now. There is reportedly a sex tape of the rapper in circulation on the inter-webs. 

Welp, I do not want to see it, but if you do: #KevinGatesVideo! Now, the response has been quite funny I just say, because Twitter is full of comedians. From what I have been told, the woman in the video is unidentified but we know for a fact that KG is married. And, his wife is also his manager. Keep that paper in the family, yall! 

To keep the humor in context, I think people have to remember that sex in your home is not sex you see in porn! Get a grip! Still...the humor is not lost on me!

One dude came to his senses!