Roxanne Shante’s Overaged Baby Daddy Revealed


There’s a lot missing from “Roxanne Roxanne” but people have located her baby daddy and realized his fate.

(AllHipHop Rumors) We didn’t know if he was real or whatever, but Cross didn’t look good in the movie “Roxanne Roxanne.” He was dating the rap star when she was only 15 –years old, while he was considerably OLDER. Some have said he was as much as 18 years her senior. I suppose people didn’t do anything back in those days when a grown as men dates and sexes a child.

Anyway, Shante and Cross were a hot item in the streets, as it is portrayed in the Netflix movie saga. And now, images of their love affair have emerged. Check it out:

I know it is hard for some of you to conceptualize this, but Roxanne was one of the biggest rappers in the world in the 1980’s. She definitely put it down for the hood way before most of these rap chicks. I won’t spoil it for you, but she put it down.

Here is the song they said she did in one take.

Here is Roxanne and AllHipHop’s own Jigsaw a couple weekends ago at a Hip-Hop event in Philly. A bunch of other legends were there as well.