EXCLUSIVE: Twista Talks MC's 'Responsibility' & Turmoil Plaguing Chicago

With over twenty years invested into Hip-Hop, Twista, has forged a respected niche within the culture. With passion, pride, and pain–lyricism delivered from a sincere stance–he has transformed ordinary words into poignant prose. To create immortal art music and memory collide; this a signature of artistic journey. On a quest to manipulate metaphors while controlling the mic, […]

ALLHIPHOP EXCLUSIVE: Skyzoo & Torae Talk Creative Process

Cultivating creativity is a seasoned skill. Metaphors communicate memories;  our adept MCs invest life into their sixteens. Poetically conveying the human condition, these practitioners continue to polish their work-ethic in order to create enduring art. Recently, AllHipHop spoke with Skyzoo & Torae. Their anticipated Barrel Brothers LP is now available! When discussing creativity the duo were asked: To […]

EXCLUSIVE: Deniro Farrar Says, “This Music Ain’t Hip-Hop. I’m Rap.”

Leading a cultish existence, Deniro Farrar, transforms his thoughts into art. Never hesitating to spit legitimate lyrics, Farrar’s, growing musical family appreciates the unfaltering depth of an expanding perspective. A message, which originated in North Carolina, continues to resonate with a growing global audience. The MC’s natural gift, organic showmanship, and pure humanity helped to […]