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Daily Word – Underrate Your Struggles!!

Happy Wins-Day my soldiers and survivors! Welcome to the day you continue to be victorious in your journey to become your greatest self! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to underrating your struggles! Many times we make the grave mistake of giving permanent energy to temporary things… We look at struggle through the wrong eyes and […]

Daily Word – Unlearn Your Teachings!!

Happy Monday my creatures of greatness! Welcome to the day that you take a step back in order to take a step forward! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to unlearning your teachings! The word unlearn is defined as discarding something learned, especially a bad habit or false or outdated information from one’s memory. When you […]

Daily Word – Make Mistakes!!

TGI….Everyday!!! Welcome to the end of the 2nd week of the best year of your life! Today’ s Daily Word is dedicated to making mistakes! Mistakes are to success as Snow plow is to Snow…. The sooner you get it out the way the better! Or Mistakes are to Dreams as Steps are to Staircase…. […]

Daily Word – A Winner is YOU!!

Happy Wins-Day my achievers of big dreams! Welcome to the day that separates the winners from the losers! The day that helps determine how bad you want your dreams! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to your will to win! They say within 7 days, 75% of people will have given up on their New Year’s […]

Daily Word – Your Will Is Your Way!!

Happy Thursday my creatures of uncompromising will! Welcome to the day you realize that within you lies your greatest source of power to achieve anything you want in life! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to your will! Those who really want something make it happen, those who don’t make excuses! If you are willing then […]

Daily Word: This is your moment!!

Peace and blessings my creatures of undeniable greatness! Happy Friday and welcome to the day that you realize that it is impossible for fear and faith to occupy the same space! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to taking your moment! In this game of life, the winners are always going to be the people who […]

Daily Word: You can have it all….

Great morning my great people! Welcome to the best day of your life… Everyday!! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to having it all. We live in the “now generation”… A time where adults and children alike are impatient and want everything instantly… In some short recent years (mainly because of technology) we have been conditioned […]