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The Gentrification of Rap: Did Hip-Hop Sell Us Out ?

“a.k.a. a sellout /rap definition/get off that boy/change your mission” – “Crossover”, EPMD Although broken glass was everywhere, unemployment was at a record high and 911 was a joke, Clive Saddler’s Sedgwick Avenue neighborhood was not the jungle the media portrayed; it was home and full of promise. But everyday the six o’clock news would […]

Brooklyn Bodega Announces 4th “Show & Prove Competition” For This Year’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn Bodega, the producers behind the 8th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, have announced this year’s “Show & Prove Competition” where up-and-coming MCs can compete for the opportunity to perform at this year’s festival. The “Show & Prove” competition takes place over the course of three months and consists of three preliminary contests to […]

DJ Prince Paul’s Hip-Hop Journey Chronicled in Scion’s “iQ Project Museum”

(AllHipHop News) Carmaker Scion recently unveiled their iQ Project Museum, which includes digital exhibits featuring Hip-Hop pioneer DJ Prince Paul, the La Chicano punk scene, and Strata Records. The iQ Project Museum is described as a “rich digital initiative created to preserve cultural movements, moments and musicians that are at risk of being lost.  The first three online exhibits […]