Wale Confronts Sports Announcer on TV Over On Air-Comments

(AllHipHop News) The 15-37 Washington Wizards were not only over-matched by the Toronto Raptors last night(Feb. 20th) 96-88 but overshadowed by an even more enticing battle. Toronto Raptors commentator Matt Devlin and the sports fanatic MC that is Wale had a cold war of words after Devlin questioned on-air Wale’s relevancy and stating the obvious “he’s not Drake.” […]

Fast Life, Fast Fall: The Price Of Fame

We live in a quick moving world. We watch others live the fast life, and we often desire the same. But as the saying goes, ‘easy come, easy go.’ While it’s not just society’s fault, and while we see people make millions and acquire the lifestyles that accompany it, each one of these elements, plus […]