Freeway Ricky Ross Details Autobiographical Book With Journalist Cathy Scott

(AllHipHop News) Former drug Kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross has announced details about an upcoming autobiography, with acclaimed investigative journalist Cathy Scott. The book focuses on the story of Freeway Ricky Ross, who was one of Los Angeles’s biggest drug traffickers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, running a coast-to-coast $600 million drug operation. “It […]

Freeway Ricky Ross

Chicago Police Investigating Threats Against Rick Ross

(AllHipHop News) Chicago police are investigating threats against Hip-Hop star Rick Ross. reports that the Chicago Police Department opened an investigation into threats made against the rapper by the gangster disciples. Although Rick Ross brushed off the threats in a recent interview, the Chicago Police Department appear to be taking the threats very serious. […]