Daily Word: Remember to Forget!

Happy Wins-Day my powerful and forgetful! Welcome to the day we begin to exercise our selective amnesia! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to remembering to forget! First and foremost today marks the twelve year anniversary of the attacks on September 11th! My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those affected by this tragedy! […]

Daily Word: Put Family First!!

Happy Tuesday La Familia! Bienvenido a la mejor día del resto de tu vida. Welcome to the day you realize that the people who you surround yourself with are the ones who are either going to take you higher or be your downfall! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to putting your family first! Family as […]

Daily Word: Just let it GO!!

Happy Wins-Day my forward movers and thinkers! Welcome to the day that you realize that the things you fight to hold on to are the exact things that are holding you back! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to just letting go! Anger, pain, regret, resentment, ungratefulness, bad relationships, dead-end jobs, stubborn ways, bad habits, and […]