Hip-Hop Rumors: Slaughterhouse Is Good To Go!

Man, there were ’nuff people scared that Slaughterhouse was going to break up. But, apparently the crew has already addressed this rumor and stated very matter of factly that they are not breaking up. I assume they are going to continue do what they have been doing so far. OK, breath a sigh of relief […]

They Said What?! When Rap Lyrics Cross the Line

Even though Ray J said on Hot 97 that “I Hit It First” wasn’t directed his Kim Kardashian, the lyrics still have people second-guessing that claim.  With lines like, “She might move on to rappers and ballplayers / But we all know I hit it first … I had her head going North and her […]

Dilla Day Detroit 2013: A Recap

It was a magical night. The 2nd Annual Dilla Day Detroit was a tremendous success. With thousands of attendees from around the country, Dilla Day was all about the music. A performance from Clear Soul Forces warmed up the house followed by Frank n Dank, the duo with whom Dilla made some of his greatest […]