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The King Of South Beach: Episode 8

 “The DJ’s Merge The Beach With The Streets”


All of Akinyele’s employees are kicking into high gear as the grand opening of the King Of Diamonds/V Live on Ocean Drive in Miami comes closure to fruition.

In Episode 8, the dancers squash their old beefs, and Ak breaks down the ingredients needed to open a successful strip club, from the cups, to the choice of music. 

To make sure the club stays popping, Akinyele has brought in a variety of DJ’s to keep the club lit. 

So far, Ak has tapped DJ Fatboy of Miami, and DJ Papo, a veteran DJ from the King of Diamonds out in Miami Gardens. 

Akinyele lays down the plan for the music, shows the DJ’s the booth they will be working in and how much they have control over the success of KOD/V Live. 

We also meet Mack Maine’s relative Troy, a mover and shaker behind the scenes in Miami who was responsible from getting Birdman, Lil Wayne, Drake down to Miami. 

Troy is responsible for hiring the employees and the general management of King Of Diamonds/V Live.