Master P Doin’ Tha Most Radio Show, Michael Blackston Goes In On The Kardashian Family

Michael Blackston Roasts The Kardashian’s On Master P’s New Radio Show

Doin’ Tha Most Radio Show is taking over the air waves with superstar host Master P, co-host Sassy Cassy the smallest on-air personality in the world, co-host J Tweezy the infamous superior on-air personality with 20 years in the game at radio alongside co-host Juggie the expert in social media. The show is crazy, sexy and cool but today, it got funny when comedian Michael Blackston guest appeared on the show, talked about co-host Sassy Cassy, his own Hollywood beef with celebrities and a roasting session on the Kardashian family.

Master P says,

Michael Blackston is one of the funniest comedians I know and this is what he does, he makes jokes and talk about people. No one should take it personal, it’s just entertainment. When comedians talk about me, I just laugh.

Doin’ Tha Most Radio Show, where superstar guests talk about their careers, their projects, the movies, the music and the sports. Expect future guest appearances by Kevin Hart, Travis Barker, Ken Jeong, Nick Young, Demar Derozan and more.

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