Hex’s Return: Back At It

Back again,bastards. This stroke s### is turning my drops into annuals. F**k it. Oh, & f**k Chuck Creekmur & Steve Raze, too. Just because. [Editor’s Note: Both Chuck Creekmur and Steve Raze appreciate the man known as hexmurda as well as his editorials. Yep. Click here for the Black Milk interview, hex’s homey. ] Whut […]

Back again,bastards. This stroke s### is turning my drops into annuals. F**k it. Oh, & f**k Chuck Creekmur & Steve Raze, too. Just because. [Editor’s Note: Both Chuck Creekmur and Steve Raze appreciate the man known as hexmurda as well as his editorials. Yep. Click here for the Black Milk interview, hex’s homey. ] Whut f**kery should we discuss today? I’ve been gone about a year so I’ve got plenty of s### to rant about. SouljaBoy & KatStacks? Drake & Minaj marry? N***a,this aint TMZ. F**k that s###. Wait a second…Minaj

Whut do u call a four-way?

NickiMinaj can rap. NickiMinaj can carry a note. NickiMinaj is cute & her body is crazy, whether physically altered or not. Unfortunately I’ve seen it all before. Ms.Minaj is just a rerun of LilKim to me. I aint gonna bash Minaj because by all accounts she’s a nice girl. I will say this,though. There’s nothing new under the sun. However,to sum up my thoughts on NickiMinaj & her movement I will leave you with a quote from Lil Kim. “Black Barbie/ dressed in Bulgari.” Maybe Minaj’s followers should have dubbed themselves “Christys”. It would have been more original. 

The VMA’s

I know you n***as have been patiently waiting for me to s### on MTV’s moon man give-away, & I won’t disappoint. Here we go, kiddies…

First of all, am I REALLY watching MTV? I usually only utilize ESPN & VH1 SOUL. MTV is truthfully the standard in pop culture whatever they deem as half-homosexual is “edgy” to them and they f**k w/ it.


Usher really thinks he’s beyond thunderdome. The n***a has been dressing like MadMax for a minute now. He’s tripping.


Will.I.Am is a talented dude. N***a makes pop hits that u find stuck in your head like, “How’d that s### get there? How do I even know that song?” I don’t know what the f**k is going on, because I only caught a glimpse of him, but I think he was dressed like ‘The Gimp’ from “PulpFiction”. Maybe he wasn’t. First thing that came to mind.

Lady Gaga

Gaga looked like she put his/her outfit thru a garbage disposal before rocking it. You go boy.


That n***a needs a hat.


Eminem ALWAYS bodies this type of s###. Aint much to say,it’s just what he does. However, only Em could threaten to pee on a broad then make a monster hit record with her. The White guy does his thing as usual.


N***a,I aint gonna front, herpes aside the JerseyShore muthaf**kas are HEE-LARRY-US. Just the fact that they got a dude who calls himself “The Situation” is funny as f**k. I aint gonna lie tho, I spend every episode waiting for one of Snookies boobs to pop out, or one of J-Woww’s to either explode or deflate. If that happens on TV, a n***a can die happy.


What can I say about Drake? Well,I could say a lot of s###,but I aint. The n***a has taken his show to the R&B lane & that’s fine by me. I will say the n***a reminds me a lot of RyanLeslie. You n***as doubt me? Cue the “Diamond Girl” video.


THIS n***a…Kanye makes talking s### too easy. He came out in a fire engine red suit,looking like Eddie Murphy in “RAW”. He went on to perform a song w/ the greatest hook I ever heard. Something about “toasting to a#######”. Like I said,too easy. People think I hate Kanye, I don’t. I just want the n***a to turn back into The Hulk. This BruceBanner s### is some b#######.

Its my birthday

Yeah n***a, I got two birthdays like I’m a Vulcan or something. The day I was born, & the day I didn’t die. This happens to be the anniversary of the day I didn’t die. Some of ya’ll may remember at this time last year I was gearing up to s### on the VMA’s & I was stricken. I had the illest stroke. A year later I’m still f**ked up. Can barely talk,can’t walk, got double vision in one eye & my right arm & leg feel like they weigh a ton. Yeah,I’m f**ked up. But I’M STILL HERE. That s### has got to count for something. I thought I was gone. I even half-smiled at the paramedic who was attending to me,as if to say, “it’s alright dog, u did your best. I’m out.” The next thing I remember was waking up a month later with my cousin sitting in my room crying. When I saw that s### I KNEW I was f**ked up. I’d known this n***a my entire life & had never seen him shed a tear. Seen him get whuppings & fall off the back of a moving car. Eyes dry as the Sahara. So when I saw him crying I just knew JasonVoorheeves was behind me & I was out the game. Turns out there wasn’t any legendary fictional character behind me, the killer was in me (no Drake). High Blood Pressure. I’m telling you n***as, get checked out. That s### is serious. Blood vessel in my brain popped like a glass mercury thermometer on Mars. I remember at one point some doctor told me that I would never MOVE my right extremities again. I made up my mind right then & there that I would always talk & act like I was 20ft tall. & I can move both my right arm & leg. It is my full intention to go back to Beaumont as soon as I’m able & ErrolFlynn in that doctor’s face.  With both hands.

I gotta give it up to both of my daughter’s mother’s, they are definitely two of the strongest women I know. One of them had to deal with a three month old, a four year old & the orneriest cripple alive.  You know push finally came to shove & I ended up having to deal with some changes. It’s hard to be mad at  someone’s frustration with you when u can’t even walk to help yourself. I know I’m a little off topic, but f**k Chuck. This is my damn editorial. I’m gonna say what the f**k I wanna say. My brother Ra is the realest n***a I know. N***a takes care of his two kids, his wife, & my dumb-ass. He & his wife Heather threw me a surprise party yesterday. First one I ever had. S### was great. I wanna take this time & thank the staff at both Beaumont medical & the Rehabilitation Center. S### is real. I gotta shout out some of the HipHop n***as who supported a n***a. Everlast, BishopLamont,TalibKweli, JayElectronica, LittleBrother, DJ Houseshoes, TrickTrick, JeanGrae, RasKass, BlackMilk, Royce Da 5’9, Guilty Simpson, D12, PharoaheMonch,Rakaa, Evidence, BunB, Sean Price, 40Glocc, Xzibit, The Alchemist & Detroit City. Those are the names you might know. These are the names you should. TommyHoffman, GuyRoutte, Crystal Isaacs, DruHa, KinoChildrey, MarkHicks, Anabelle Larios, Jonathon Moore, RudeJude, TheMaguire, dream hampton, ShaMoneyXL, WendyDay, & Paul Rosenberg. I gotta thank you n***as too, those of you who gave a f**k & those of you who wished me dead. Gotta thank my twitter fam,too. Those n***as came thru in the clutch. See, I’ll never forget something my ex’s mother said, “all those doctor’s & all those people in the lobby & couldn’t nobody help you. You know who helped you.” True, but I know some of ya’ll helped get His attention. Thanks. Look, I know I aint gonna save all of you, but if one of ya’ll n***as gets checked I’ll feel I have accomplished something. This aint no f**king medical journal though. Back to the HipGo pick up that BlackMilk “AOTY” Sept14th & if your in NY check him out on the same day in BK at Southpaw. If you are in Detroit come f**k with me & Black at St.AndrewsHall on Saturday Sept.18th. I’ll be the n***a in the wheelchair. It’s about time for me to sign the f**k off, FREE BIG MEECH & SOUTHWEST T, let Wayne finish that little bullet he’s doing, & BigProof & J.Dilla forever. R.I.P Baatin R.I.P. Blade & R.I.P Tupac. Life is hard. You gotta be harder. Twit @ me. Twitter.com/hexmurda. Unfilered. F**k Chuck.

This drop is dedicated to my two living angels Run & Re-Run, K.D. & Rex.

GuiltySimpson & Madlib “O.J. Simpson” in stores NOW!!! BlackMilk “AlbumOfTheYear” coming Sept.14th.