Hollywood Shuffle: A Sequel For Will? Tyler Perry in Star Trek! Ice Cube’s A-Team?

Welcome to the Hollywood Shuffle, discussing all things movies, television, celebrity and just plain Hollywood. Each week we’ll bring you the latest news and gossip of what’s going down in Tinsel Town. Sequel to I Am Legend?For those of you who have seen Will Smith’s I Am Legend, you probably have the same reaction that I […]


to the Hollywood Shuffle, discussing all things movies, television,

celebrity and just plain Hollywood.

Each week we’ll bring you the latest news and gossip of what’s going down in Tinsel Town.

Sequel to I

Am Legend?For

those of you who have seen Will Smith’s I

Am Legend

, you probably have the same reaction that I did when I first

heard this news. How in the world can there be a sequel? We know the answer to

why… because the movie has made over $400 million worldwide and still counting.

But still… how? Well, Warner Brothers has recently secured the rights to a

sequel from the original author Richard Matheson. Matheson wrote the original

1954 novel upon which the Will Smith film is based on.


This does

not mean that a sequel has been greenlit, but it does allow Warner Brothers the

ability to explore a sequel in the future and to possibly build upon the

franchise. This also doesn’t mean that Will Smith would necessarily be attached

to the sequel. Rumors circulating around town have the sequel set a decade

after the first film or as a prequel that fills in the many flashbacks that

Smith’s character Robert Neville has throughout the film.

“I Love New York”

star comes to the big screen


Pollard AKA New York, star of I Love New

York made her big screen debut this past weekend with a cameo appearance in

Ice Cube’s First Sunday. Last month

she made a guest appearance on the F/X hit Nip/Tuck.

Looks like New York

isn’t setting her limits to reality TV and is using her fame while she can. Good

for her. I’m sure a new reality show with her and Tailor Made is in the works.

It could be called What It’s Like in New


. So wrong.

Tyson vs. Tyra: Battle of the Supermodel shows!


oh. Looks like a supermodel battle could be brewing. Tyson Beckford’s new Bravo

supermodel reality show Make Me a

Supermodel premiered this past week, and the online gossip is that when

Tyson was asked to comment on Tyra and her [extremely successful] similar show America’s Next Top Model he responded by


“Tyra? Are you joking? I’m the only male supermodel there is, the only one

who can make a supermodel. Do you think Tyra can just call up Naomi Campbell and ask her to teach

these kids how to walk the runway? Please! You know Tyra and Naomi aren’t cool

like that right? And we’re in New

York, Tyra’s in L.A.

Nothing’s going on in L.A.

[My models] will go on go-sees, be doing what it takes where the action is, in New York. Please!”

Come on Tyson. I’m from L.A. it’s not that

bad. Your New York supermodels don’t get to see really important L.A. stuff like

watching Britney go crazy, or get to drive by Snoop’s house in the Valley.

Tyler Perry in new Star Trek movie


is confirmed that Perry will be doing his thing outside of the “urban

family dramedy” and will play the head of The Starfleet Academy in the

upcoming J.J. Abrams movie Star Trek. This is the first time

Perry will appear in a movie outside of his own. I have to admit, I’m not a

huge Star Trek fan but I’m not too

sure how large their “urban” fan base is.

Perhaps this

is a way for the new Star Trek movie which is all about the

origins of Star Trek and its crew, to capture some of the urban demo. They

should have casted Snoop instead. Head of the Starfizzle Academizzle.

Regardless, check out Star Trek in theaters Christmas day 2008.

But you already knew that.

Ice Cube rumored to play  B.A. Baracus in A-Team movie


Cube is the leading candidate to play B.A. Baracas in the John Singleton

directed The A-Team movie. The

film has been in development for years but Singleton is finally making progress

and is close to getting this film made. Singleton worked with Cube in the past

on the classic Boyz N the Hood and is looking to secure Cube for the role of B.A. played by the infamous Mr. T

in the TV show. Cube definitely could pull this off although he would need to

bulk up quite a bit and get the famous BA Baracus Mohawk. Let’s hope this movie

actually gets made because John Singleton could make this work.


Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds must re-marry


to various news sources, the New Years day marriage of Eddie Murphy and Tracey

Edmonds in the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora is invalid. According to

French law, a couple must reside in Bora Bora

for more than 30 days for the marriage to be legally binding and since they did

not, they must remarry again. Celebrities should realize that this is the risk

you take when you get married in an exotic location. Vegas is much safer.     

Diddy shows off

acting skills in movie version of A Raisin

In The Sun


who made his Broadway debut as Walter Lee Younger in the play A Raisin In The Sun will reprise the role in the

movie version. It will not be released in theaters, and will air directly on ABC on February 25, 2008. Diddy

reprises the same role he played in the Broadway version in 2004. The real

reason Diddy will receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It’s a

publicity stunt for the film. The film also stars all the regulars from the

Broadway version such as Phylicia Rashad, Sanaa Lathan and Audra McDonald.

Uncle Jessie from Full House (John

Stamos) is also in the film.



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