Welcome To AllHipHop 3.0!

Welcome To AllHipHop 3.0!

Greetings to you all.

This is Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, the CEO and head honcho here at AllHipHop.com.

I’d like to welcome you to “AllHipHop 3.0,” a complete relaunch of our site that we have been diligently working on for several grueling months. Let me explain some of the exciting changes that you will see us continually roll out to the you.

Some of the immediate changes you will see are the a new, optional homepage content stream in a blog format. We now offer a distinctly easier way to share our content to your social media outlets. You may have seen some of our recent premieres. Well guess what? We’ll delve far deeper than before and include more content that we push. On the way will be increased community integration, because some of the brightest critics and voracious voices are actually our readers of the site.

AllHipHop has been known for the classic black and crimson, but we definitely want to flip it in our 16th year of existence to a cleaner, brighter look. We’ll have a renewed focus on good, quality content, fresh lists, videos and a distinct return to our foundation of Hip-Hop Lifestyle. But, you better believe, we’ll continue to go beyond, as we always have. We’ll also broaden our scope on other groundbreaking forms of music, politics, community and cultural phenomenon.

Even though we are steadfastly AllHipHop, we are feeling really agile and highly motivated to deliver you the best that we have to offer. We’ve heard your comments – both good and bad – and have responded. We’ll continue to listen, because we are servants of the people.






Thank you,

Chuck Creekmur
CEO, AllHipHop.com

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