Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Dating Chelsea Handler? Mario Confrims Rumors? Waka/Gucci Drama?


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info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.WHO: illseedWHAT: Rumors, Funnies, Fails and more!WHERE: illseed.comtwitter.com.illseedHOW: Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.50 CENT DATING CHELSEA HANDLER?

Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were reportedly spotted in New Orleans. There were a lot of tweets going on as this started to leak out. WTF Tho? We all know Chelsea has a thing for Black man…and 50 like older women. Could this be a match made in heaven? Maybe! Anyway, 50 Cent was recently on her show. When he was, they hit it off and he expressed that he had a crush on her. Well, he leaves and reportedly sent her a bunch of flowers afterward with a voicemail asking her on a date. The rest is history. Chelsea is single now and 50 is…50. She was in New Orleans for a show and he was there for her.



This is interesting. I know there was a pic, but I wasn’t sure they’d get the Doc to lock in. How’d Dip Set get Dre and Cube couldn’t? Strange.


There may be too many rappers and too many events for rappers to convene. Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka may have gotten into a verbal joust that could have resulted in a fight if not for cooler heads. I wonder if Gucci remembers when he was like that dude to Jeezy once upon a time. Here is what blogger Sandra Rose is saying.“Friday night my spies tell me that Gucci and Waka almost came to blows at a pre Hip Hop Awards party in Atlanta thrown by Alex Gidewon and Belvedere Vodka at ESSO nightclub. My spies couldn’t hear what the argument was about, but they say the former friends are at war again. The shouting match started when Gucci and his crew entered the VIP inside Club ESSO where Waka and his peeps were chillin’. Words were exchanged, then Waka stepped to Gucci Mane. The two crews were quickly separated by security, but the verbal sparring continued minutes later. Security once again stepped between them and made sure that no fists or jewelry flew.”[


Peep this! Kelly sang the national anthem at the Giants game yesterday! That’s why they won! Go Kelly!

Here she is at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. She looks like she may be showing some see-through action.


WTF is the world coming to? Chingy has been exposed, as far as I can see. I mean, dude, get a banging publicist and counter the rumors or just come out! “Sidney” the tranny is on record and saying she and Chingy had a 2-year relationship.

“Sidney” stop lying and tell people you’re a man. Some other dudes are going to be “outted” soon.MARIO ISSUES STATEMENT

This pretty much confirms the rumors.

“This is an unfortunate incident between a loving son and a mother who continues to struggle with a devastating addiction. Anyone who has waged the battle to save loved ones from the forces of drugs knows the irrational behavior that almost always accompanies their actions. Despite the allegations, Mario remains committed to supporting his mother.”


Bruno Mars is looking at 4 years in jail. Hopefully, he gets out of it. Dude wouldn’t make it in jail.

There is a rumor that Denzel Washington may be getting a divorce from longterm wife Paula. I hope not!

Tiger Woods’ older brother said that his father would be disappointed in the golfer’s sex scandal.

Was Rihanna dissing her friend when she said this: “I didn’t want the generic pop record that Ke$sha or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would do.” Sounds like it.

I heard Brian Pumper got booed off stage recently.

In other B. Pumper fail news, 50 Cent has recently killed the porn stars dreams of being a G-Unit soldier.

50 CENT, WE LOVE YOU! They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!

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