Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Teaches Fans How To Invest In Real Estate WIth New Company

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Vanilla Ice hopes to parlay the success of his reality show on the DIY Network into a new company dedicated to turning beginners into seasoned real estate investors.

Vanilla Ice recently launched the “Vanilla Ice Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club,” which aims to turn interested fans into real estate “rock stars.”

Over the past 10 years, Vanilla Ice gained valuable insight into the real estate business, in order to augment his income from the music business.

The rapper, who hit big in the 90s with the single “Ice Ice Baby,” is a seasoned real estate veteran, with his own reality show “The Vanilla Ice Project.”

“You can cross your arms at the end and say ‘Wow. I did that,’ and you can take pride in it,” Vanilla Ice told in a statement. “Real estate kept me out of financial trouble. And it grew my finances when other famous musicians lost everything.”

Vanilla ice, born Robert Van Winkle, recently launched his own real estate website,

There, you can find more information about The Vanilla Ice Real Estate Rock Star VIP Club.

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  • therealest1

    Although no one ever took him seriously as a legitimate rapper, at least its good to see him parlaying his money into something positive, productive and profitable unlike that idiot MC Hammer who blew his money during the zenith of his career by putting 300 people on payroll basically giving everybody and their mom a job, failed race losing racehorses, millions on over-improving a house, and perhaps shitloads of genie pants.

    Now if Vanilla Ice can get over his drug problems and domestic issues, he would be alright.

    • Jermaine Ware

      I lol the comments about MC Hammer from people that have no clue.  Yes he had MILLIONS, yes he squandered allot on misc things, but NO he is NOT BROKE AND NOT EVEN CLOSE TO IT!

      From someone that knows him and who’s parents lived a few houses down from him in the million dollar home community in Tracy, CA.  Kids in college, various biz ventures, employ local youth, etc.  I guess 10-20 million is BROKE instead of the 50+ he had in his hey day.

      But broke?  Please.. define broke in your terms.

  • Good look for Vanilla Ice!
    Real Estate is…..well…REAL.
    The price will always go up because GOD / ALLAH isn’t making any more!
    1 single & he still living off it? Despite Suge Knight hanging him over the balcony & taking $10Mil in royalties from him on some 5 Heartbeats ” My OFFICE hours are from…9-5 ” type $hyt! ( Rumored )



                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    ok this sounds like an informercial gone bad … and so does his website … its looks the other million and one websites you see on the
    internet that promise to give you “insider” info to making money and
    realestate and many other shit …. if you really making that much
    $$$$$$ why you charging me for the info … and forget that the game is to
    be sold crap … thats why its so many people struggling in the world
    … if you got knowledge that people are seeking put it out there … especially if your so financially stable …..
    and leave it up to them to pick the knowledge up and put it to use 

  • YaheardSyndicate

    I got money with Vanilla Ice a few times. He’s actually not a bad guy. He did what your favorite rappers whos nuts your on do now, its just fans now are dick eaters and eat it up. He made pop rap hits, movies, and didnt live half the stuff he was talking about. Sounds like most of yalls whole roster