Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Bey and Jay Pulling a Major Fast One?

OK, so these fake pregnancy rumors have been circulating for over a month since Beyonce’ revealed her baby bump on the 2011 MTV VMAs. The little-Carter-on-the-way was great news to a lot of people, and Bey was being credited, even somewhat sainted, for focusing on her career, getting married first, and then waiting a while to have a baby with husband, Jay-Z. So, when people started saying that she was wearing a prosthetic baby bump, that seemed ludicrous…until NOW.

Beyonce’ spent some time interviewing on an Australian TV show, Sunday Night HD, recently, and while she was radiating a convincing pregnancy glow, something was foul with her belly. Check out the screen shots above of Bey sitting down in a chair on the TV show set. Now, call us crazy, but most pregnant bellies are getting nice and firm by around the 6th month (Beyonce’ and Jay just announced the baby is due in February), so the confusing folds and weird side view of her stomach have the whole world up in arms today.


Is it possible that she isn’t really pregnant, and instead, is pulling the greatest coup ever known to the entertainment world? Why would the Carters do a thing like that? For career longevity? To cover up her inability to get pregnant? And what about those paparazzi photos of she and Jay a while back visiting the fertility clinic at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.? Are they just plain Illuminati crazy? Take a look at the photos again, and decide for yourself.

  • therealest1

    Bogus shit?

  • Marvlouz

    i cant even begin to think this is BS… would b the stupidest prank ever pulled smhh

  • StreetMediaZone

    i would think if she was gonna fake it…she would do a better job..comon……she and he have millions by th e 100…comon  great site

  • StreetMediaZone

    i wonder who has ther face book hooked up here…one of the best things about the old site if not the only was
    its set-up
    @edog sup…i miss you dearly…

  • StreetMediaZone

    i wonder if bigeastcide…can see his feet

  • StreetMediaZone

    how long has this site been like this

  • Marvin Rashad

    Y’all are so stupid. That’s the flap from her dress. It’s a lose dress and it folded on top of her belly. Her baby bump isn’t that big yet. She’s only about 5 months pregnant. Do some kinda research.

    • StreetMediaZone

      it is jus garbage 
      some people have no life…if she was fakin it trust me you wouldnt know and she dam sure would be doin interveiws

    • Guest

      niggah that baby like 16 still clutching a bottle – lol

    • It was bigger than that on the MTV Awards (or BET, I can’t keep up anymore). {{-_-}}


    Street media zone.

    How did you up-load the avi????

    pull the god coat why dont you…?

    • At EL:
      Whatever account you log in with ( Twitter , Yahoo, etc., ) it uses that avi.

      On Jay / Bey:
      That bump looks weird.
      That last pic is not a good look!

      AT SMZ:
      I told you man…when ever you mention me ….add ( PAUSE / NO HOMO ) or sumthin’?
      I want my dirty Dirk Jersey back!

      • StreetMediaZone

        hey edog listen homie……dont boss me like i’m your bytch i thought we were friends
        ok i was only defending you because i though you were a smart brother and caught my act 
        but wassup tho i got great subject matter for ses and my website is almost finished

      • Send the subjects to ILLSEED & ask him to run with them!

      • StreetMediaZone

        well what do i need you or then bytch azz bum….suc my dic  :no hommo:

      • NorthDollasTX

        SMZ takes VALTREX.

    • StreetMediaZone

      hey el just sign up and use a fake email address i dont want these weirdos know no more than i let them

      • EL_BARK



        So i have to upload a picture to the email account i am using????

        Hold up let me see.

        I hate this rapist face shet.

      • StreetMediaZone

        GO TO EDIT PROFILE KING….and what the word on dem blocks capo  25 a piece

      • StreetMediaZone


      • NorthDollasTX

        SMZ overdosed on VALTREX!

      • scullyson


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  • Guest

    yeah them pix up top seem a lil fishy BUT im’ma hope that the broad is prenant cuz she seem like she’s family oriented  – and mostly only gold digging females play that “IM PREGNANT” game so they can collect that abortion money lol – and she aint hurting or desperate  

    • StreetMediaZone

      look at the bytch northdollas cant post his music…….fuk you and ya fag azz seed

      • EL_BARK

        So you can copy and paste no more.?????

        Whats that about????

      • StreetMediaZone

        yes you can man do you know how to use a cpu dog cmon capo

      • EL_BARK


        Yeah i know how to use a cpu.
        But i on my phone
        And i try to post a link and it said.

        A modeator got to approved my comment.

        Then i try to post some lyric and got the same message…

        Dont try to play the god???????

  • Realist4200

     Those pictures do look weird… but if it’s true, and the people find out, Beyonce’s career is gonna be f*cked up beyond belief. Jay’s won’t be safe either, but I think he’ll be in the backseat and won’t get as much attention from it. They only reason I can imagine is that for some reason she can’t get pregnant and they’re gonna play this pregnancy out and adopt a baby down the line. Or, people might just be reaching and she’s really pregnant.

  • StreetMediaZone

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    Smz i have the slightest idea about what you talking bout. Lol

    Not to mention that i have reason to believe that this site is being montior by hip hop – police.  As well as the big brother.  Its in my research over the last few days, & reliables sources 
    That the hip hop police, has been in effect since late 94. & went full scale around 99. 

    My office hours are 9-5 pm est.
    on dub-set. In the section of ozone. 
    Located in the southern hemisphere of

    Yours truly

    • If that’s the case, I’m headed to the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. right now to kill as many cops as I can find. {{-_-}}

  • sheister16



    focus on stories and stop hatin on your own viewers….foe you be outta bizzness homie!


  • $17637591

    I seen a pic of Bey on the beach with her pregnant belly showing. I  have to admit that pic does look weird. Wouldn’t surprise me if she barron and they gonna adopt.



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    • Casor_Greener

      Damn a moderator won’t approve my post

      • EL_BARK


        I try to post a you tube link and my didnt post either.

        I try 2 times, so i guess that their way of stopping spam.

        But a youtube link though?????

        They should let youtube link through. But it dont matter.

        None of the regulars been posting anyway but a few.

        I know somebody at their office got the shaq face on.

        I bet hip hop dx number and comments are prolly up,

        This shet is idk
        backfiring maybe
        This is the lowest amount of cooment i seen in 3 years.

        Ole well.

        On to the next one.

  • Soul Cracka #1


  • King Cold

    Who cares. Dnt matter if it is or aint news still wack

  • Wow things have changed around here i see lol …

    EL STL over phillie! i should have bet you on that one lol

    • EL_BARK

      The phillies lost.????????

      U a lie



      • yeah no bottle popping on the Eastcoast bro….tried ta told ya

  • I see with the new site these cats are still going to spend there hole day on here chatting like this was AIM or iChat… LOL… 

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  • Weedras

    Some people need to stop and really analyze before they say bullshit, didn’t illseed post pics and shit that proved nothing months back on a number of occasions sayin Bey was pregnant, now dude is postin shit saying she’s faking it…..really!?!? c’mon post decent shit for us to actually talk about not crap for Gayme stans like Sensei to spew diarrhea about.

  • Aja Smith

    Say it ain’t so. A baby bump does not bend like that Bey, who are you trying to fool. Maybe she’s wearing that fake baby bump to protect her real baby but if she’s due in Feb. she would be like five months along so what’s the need for a fake baby bump. I would not be surprised if they are faking the whole thing to gain attention.


    I’m starting to think allhiphop is trying to make me less intelligent. I wanna stop coming by here and checking this stupid stuff out, but they got to me early and now I’m most likely to stupid to stop…


  • Why is this news?????


    • King Cold

      Sup muthadon!

      • I’m chilling kin-folk,I gotta do this homework assignment for this hvac class then I’m calling it a day..


  • Jay-z about to get that kid,it’s about time nigga….

  • beyonce is pregnant . their just sicing the baby bump .

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                (__)       )/
                          (  REAL )
                                    (  REAL )
                                               ( TALK  )

  • $17829394

    It’s not her

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    @ C Da General, allhiphops making you less intelligent, youre going to stop coming here… yet you have an account, a picture attatched, and mad comments… You sound like someone whos going to stop drinking coca cola because the label on the bottle changed, meanwhile youre counting your pennies to hit the soda machine