Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Bey and Jay Pulling a Major Fast One?


OK, so these fake pregnancy rumors have been circulating for over a month since Beyonce’ revealed her baby bump on the 2011 MTV VMAs. The little-Carter-on-the-way was great news to a lot of people, and Bey was being credited, even somewhat sainted, for focusing on her career, getting married first, and then waiting a while to have a baby with husband, Jay-Z. So, when people started saying that she was wearing a prosthetic baby bump, that seemed ludicrous…until NOW.

Beyonce’ spent some time interviewing on an Australian TV show, Sunday Night HD, recently, and while she was radiating a convincing pregnancy glow, something was foul with her belly. Check out the screen shots above of Bey sitting down in a chair on the TV show set. Now, call us crazy, but most pregnant bellies are getting nice and firm by around the 6th month (Beyonce’ and Jay just announced the baby is due in February), so the confusing folds and weird side view of her stomach have the whole world up in arms today.


Is it possible that she isn’t really pregnant, and instead, is pulling the greatest coup ever known to the entertainment world? Why would the Carters do a thing like that? For career longevity? To cover up her inability to get pregnant? And what about those paparazzi photos of she and Jay a while back visiting the fertility clinic at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.? Are they just plain Illuminati crazy? Take a look at the photos again, and decide for yourself.