Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake’s Booby Ex-GF Tells All!


Drake’s ex is on a TV show and she came up thanks to her affiliation with Drizzy. Here is the interview she did with Philly’s 107.9. This interview, she tells a lil too much about Drake than we really care to know.

On how she met Drake
We met on the set of “Best I Ever Had.” It was real cool! We sat on the bleachers on set directed by Kanye [West]. Having fun, tweeted each other back and forth–real cool. Never thought it would go anywhere just cool, kicking it. The next thing you know I’m in Toronto and we’re having dinner.
He flew me out to Toronto and we started kicking it and liking each other. One flight turned into ten then the next thing you know I got a toothbrush in there and it’s on.
How long did it take for you to get from just dating to a relationship?
Like a month. It was like 0 to 60.
You moved to Toronto?
Yeah, I was actually there and packed up and was like “I’m out….I’m in love.”
Did you meet his mom?
Yeah, she’s a very nice lady.
Did she know you like, “Oh, what’s your name again?” or she KNEW you?
Well, at first it was like that but then it was like, “Oh this hoe is still around, huh? Oh, she’s still here.” After a while it was like, “Hey, Mom!” I’m from Philly and I’m in Toronto now…that’s my boo.
How long did it take you to go from condom to no condom?
That’s assuming there was ever one involved.
On if she was in love with Drake
Of course, it was an awesome relationship. I was in love, he was in love and by the way in the song he said he was in love, so don’t try to switch it up now. I never mentioned you, you mentioned me. It was good. I’m talking family dinners and we in Whole Foods pushing the cart around. It was a regular relationship. I was in love and he was in love but at the end of the day he started getting a little bit too loose. Meaning he pops up in the tabloids with Maliah, trips to Jamaica that I wasn’t invited to or never heard about. I’m from Philly and we don’t go for that.
It’s a problem [when] you had the kind of relationship we had. That was my dude; it wasn’t somebody I was just kicking it with. If you were just kicking it, you can do what you wanna do but I was yours and you were mine.
On if He gave her gifts
He’s a very kind-hearted individual. We traveled a lot and we shopped so of course the price tag got a little expensive. A Car, bills paid..but we were together so it wasn’t like he was tricking.
On if he’s well endowed
He is a phenomenal “peach eater” and he is black and Jewish and the black side is Mandingo.
On why they broke up
Well, we broke up because I wanted to do the Bad Girls Club 2 and that was a whole big issue too. I was like, “I have my own career and I need to move forward to and he was kind of like “I really don’t want you to go on there and embarrass me.” I was like, “Well, you know my career is my career. You know you’re Drake and you’re cool but I need to be cool too. I can’t sit around and try to get pregnant by you and be a baby mama. I need to make a career for myself.”
After they split, Drake wrote a verse about her on the Game’s track ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.
This song reminds me of Cat from Philly
a girl I use to love till she started acting silly
Her heart is a lil chilly she a lil too carefree
in 10 years whose payin for all that therapy …..n*gga not me.
Im probably not the man you take me for
but I bet I could be if you make me yours
Most of the sh*t I say is true
when Im done with Bad Girls
i’m comin straight for you good girl


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  • Breakdabars

    Females like these just can’t keep their mouth close

  • I was gonna talk $hyt on Drake for getting sprung , but after I saw the pics….I was like : ” DayuMMMMMM!”

    Then again , if she on that ” I got my own career …” shyt , she can pay her own bills & buy her own car.
    >>>E-Shrugs like ICH

  • smokewinston100s

    i wouldn’t of worn a rubber either. 

    • NorthDollasTX

      you a gotdamn MENACE II SOCIETY … for that comment!

  • YaheardSyndicate

    @Smoke Winston you are tripping. There are a million girls in Philly who look even better. That dont mean you dont strap up EVERYTIME

    • Breakdabars

      It’s funny how she was bargaining that they didn’t use a condom. Good for her, bad for Drake if she got pregnant

  • Smoke Winston said to YaheardSyndicate:
    ” You put a bag on your head & then try to exercise! ”

    She trying to get pregnant by Drake …..& smoke trying to get her pregnant to him!
    Man this board is crazy sometimes!

  • smokewinston100s

    never said she was the hottest bitch on the planet, but i stand by my comment. 

    raw dog. ebrc. 

  • Drake is gay and an ACTOR ACTING like he is a rapper, not a rapper!  Since when do Canadians sound country?

    There was once a time when rappers were born, now they are made by the Jewish controlled industry which never let’s people be themselves.  They bought up all of the TV video outlets, radio stations and labels so now you see, listen and watch the same shit – Soviet Union style!  Who really won the Cold War?

    • Nazi’s won!

    • First of all she stupid for putting her self out there like that it’s nothurting him his stock just went up its only making her look stupid and Donald to answer your question He Sounds Country because he was Born in Canada but his Pop is from Memphis Tennesse and Drake would spend his summers there with him

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  • SelmanC

    she bad! smh for not strapping up in less than 30 days but know how the game goes sometime.
    remember cam’ron said he shouts out all his n*gs that wear a condom for the FIRST n*t lol
    but lol kuz her “get back” skills are getting pregnant by a rapper.

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    • King Cold

      Lmao that’s mad cold

  • Papi Peligro

    She a 8. She lose points cause she runs her mouth.  Real females keep grown folks stuff to themselves don’t talk.    New generation like the net to much.  You dudes gotta stop hitting these model broads unless you go marry them. Yo story is a check. Can’t run up on somebody that got something to lose.  I get famous I’m running up on a Mariah Carey. So that even if I slip up she gone act like I’m crazy. Even after I pull the voice messages and video tapes she gone act like i’m crazy.  Why she bout something and got something to lose. I’d be I said I’d be with a broad at a call center before I run off in a video broad or a low class fake model like these rapper female. That’s if I was famous. Since I ain’t she ain’t gone down to the radio station and talk bout me. So I’m good. Real models get paid without a story they just go in.  Can you imagine a Victoria Secret model being like this dude will straw your clit. I don’t think so man. Whatever happen to dudes feeling real women. I respecT ICE T wife that”s bout it for them model broads.  

  • NorthDollasTX

    “a pill aint gone keep yo dyck from falling off … i dont understand why you insist on learning things the hard way DRAKE but you gon’ learn – oh you gon’ learn”

    ~Furious Styles

    • Pharaoh Corner


  • mike malarkey

    shit. id put the rubber on tighter


      HAHAHAHAHAA!!!! Hov sdaid it best indeed!

      • mike malarkey

         wat up chem


      Malarkey, Ross said ” When I’m looking for that feeling I gotta hit it raw” hahahahahahaha!!!

  • Casor_Greener

    Rappers talk all this pimp garbage and all of them are tricking off for these females.  all these dudes are some ugly chumps who got money and started letting these females play them.  anyone who had been with beautiful women before they got rich, would not be buying these hoes cars and clothes


  • Pharaoh Corner

    This bitch is a rat like the rest of them whores…………….she talk to much and she slept with mad dudes. Wasn’t fat ass pot belly Beanie Sigel knocking this rat down as well. Yo, the industry kills me yo. Lol, I’m so good, I feel sorry for all these rats and the rat catchers who try cuffing them.


  • Who is she again??

  • D_hiloh

    she talk too much…

    so unattractive…she sound like a bird…

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