Exclusive – Part 2 – Boe Scaggz – The Days After The Death Of Jam Master Jay

In Part 2 of’s interview with Jam Master Jay’s nephew Boe Scaggz (click here for Part 1), the rapper explains what happened immediately following the murder of Jam Master Jay and his thoughts on his friend, Randy Allen. In this portion, Boe explains why he left New Jersey in the days following the death of Jam Master Jay, despite his family’s disapproval.

Boe also confirms that one of the alleged gunmen, Tinard Washington (who admitted to being present but is in jail on separate robbery charges), lived in a house that was owned by Jam Master Jay. It’s significant, because sources told that the gun that was used to kill Jay, was taken from this house. Boe also speaks on Jay’s inner circle of friends, as well as Jay’s old foe, Curtis Scoon. Randy said that there was security cameras up in there that should’ve captured everything, but for some reason that day, the tapes weren’t working. He said that the furniture had been rearranged while Jay was on tour. Do you have any idea why the security tapes were not working that day?

Boe: I was very involved with the studio. The security cameras, the tape not being recorded, I don’t know. I heard a lot of different stories. I heard somebody came in there and stopped the tape from recording. I heard a lot of different stories about that, but I don’t really know what’s really true about that so I don’t want to speculate and say anything about that. They should’ve definitely been recording. They always record. The security cameras is rolling, they rolling all the time, then every now and then somebody might be like ‘you’ve got to go rewind the tape and record again.’ I think we used the same tape, we didn’t even change tapes. Our security cameras wasn’t really for safety, it was to see if people who was coming in was buzzing our buzzer, you know what I’m saying? If somebody buzzed the buzzer then we could see them. There wasn’t really a case where somebody was coming in to do something, that wasn’t a thought, you know what I’m saying? Nobody thought of us having no problems like that.

Boe Scaggz With that being said, I know that Jay had a gun in the studio with him that night. Why was Jay carrying heat?

Boe: I won’t say that he was carrying heat. I would say that we’ve got a studio, so we always had things like that in the studio to make sure we were safe still. Even though we didn’t think of nobody coming to do us no harm, but everybody knew that we was there. Everybody in Queens. You want to find Jam Master Jay, you know exactly where he is. It’s the studio right here. So of course we have firearms. You go in anybody’s studio, somebody’s walking around with firearms. S**t…I used to be the one to carry the pistol. Jay would tell me “don’t bring this, what are you doing?” What about the cat Goldie? I had heard that Jay had a dispute with him and he had to pull the gun on Goldie in the studio.

Boe: Nah, I don’t… nah. Jay and Goldie? Nah. Goldie was like the little homie. Even though Goldie’s older than me, Goldie was like part of Jay’s little army. He’s one of the little rap dudes from Brooklyn. Goldie’s not that kind of person towards Jay, and Jay wasn’t about to pull a gun on Goldie anyway. Well even though you don’t believe Randy had anything to do with it, why did your grandma get so upset that Randy took you out of New York the night of the shooting? She said it was against your will. Why after the murder did y’all have to roll out?

Boe: After all of that happened, after he got killed and all that, there was so many people outside my house. After my uncle got killed and everything, I didn’t go out of town with Randy. Me and Garnet Reid, I went to Garnet’s house. I called Garnet to go pick me up. I just finished running up on someone that they had said had been involved or had something to do with my uncle getting killed. That was a few hours after Jay had already been dead now, and the rage was starting to set in. So I’m getting back to the hood, so it’s like oh this ni**a, we can’t find him, but that’s one of his best friends right there. Oh, that’s him? And I just pow, pow, pow, so I definitely had to leave from around the hood. I had to leave. And I think somebody wrote about that somewhere too, that I did do that to somebody. I’ve seen that in a couple magazines. But that’s really the reason why I went out of town with Garnet. We went to Jersey, it’s not like I went away, away. We just went across the water so I could cool down. I just finished pistol-whipping that ni**a, so I had to go. During all this time, what was Terri (Jam Master Jay’s wife) and the family thinking about you and Randy in particular? Did they express any discomfort with Randy or your association with him?

Rusty Waters – Cornbread

Boe: Towards me, I don’t think my family never felt no kind of way towards me, but I don’t really know how they felt about Randy. Nobody really wanted me to be next to him, but Jay had gave me business to do with him. So Jay put me and Randy together. He gave me business. So while everybody’s saying you shouldn’t be with Randy, I’m saying “I’ve got a job to do with this man.” We signed a contract with a record label and we had a job to do. It’s not just us kicking it in the studio making songs anymore, we’ve got a job to do now.

That’s why I think, my family might’ve been upset that I kicked it with him a little longer than I should’ve, but I was thinking about my career, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. My uncle had been the head of most of it until now, who’s going to help me? Not my grandmother, not family, they’re not going to help me. This is my career. They don’t get involved with me. So I have to make sure I still keep doing what I was supposed to be doing. And I really didn’t get a chance to learn anything that I needed to learn from Jay, you understand? I got just enough things, but s**t, I didn’t get to learn everything. It seems like Jay was really working and dealing with, even though he was world famous, he was still dealing with a lot of people he grew up with. He never stopped associations with people from Hollis. His studio was right in the middle of it. Which brings me up to the question of Tinard Washington. What was Tinard’s relationship with Jay like?

Boe: They seemed pretty cool. I didn’t really know Tinard when he first came around. So I’m like who is this guy? How do we know who he was? But like my mom knew him, and Jay knew him. Everybody knew who he was because he was from the neighborhood, but I didn’t know him because I guess he was in jail the whole time when I was growing up. Jay usually helps motherf**kers out when they got out of jail. You just get home, it’s like a party for you, go out and have a good time. Some people get carried away, they don’t want to leave, they don’t know how to just go back. So they wanted to stay, and Jay wanted to give the ni**a a job because now you’re walking around and you f**ked up. You ain’t got no money, so Jay want those ni**as to do something so he can pay them some money. I never really knew why Tinard was around us. I didn’t know what his purpose was. Randy knew him really well, and Randy’s brother Teddy, they all knew him. They’re all older. They’re all really older than me. They’re in their 50’s, like 40-something years old, so it was really Randy and Teddy and even Lydia knows Tinard really well. They all know him. I asked that because I heard Tinard was living with Jay shortly before Jay got killed. I was just wondering if you heard anything about that?

Boe: What happened was Stephon, this is my cousin, Stephon — he was staying at my grandmother’s house too. I don’t know what he was trying to do. I guess he just wanted to be around Jay. I guess he just wanted to try to make something of himself with Jay. I don’t really know what Stephon’s purpose was for being around either. Stephon and Tinard was hanging out all the time. Tinard’s doing like 15 years right now for robbing all them motels. But his girlfriend said that he admitted to being one of the people that shot Jay in the studio and admitted to being one of the people that killed Stretch Walker.

Boe: If the man says he has something to do with something, you can believe it, and sometimes he can be saying that he has something to do with something because he’s trying to take the lesser hand in what ni**as are trying to give him. So if they trying to say you’re the ni**a that actually shot Jay, he’s like well I didn’t shoot him. I was there, but I wasn’t the one that shot him. Sometimes it could be the truth or it could be him trying to escape the worst, you understand what I’m saying? The worst, yep. So that brings me up to one question that I’ve always been wondering. Okay, so let’s say for arguments sake that what Tinard said is true. That leaves the second person. Tinard is of a certain height, certain weight, certain build. I know that at first people thought that it was Curtis Scoon. But then people thought it was Big D and Lil D, the Jordans, because of their height. Did Jay have any enemies?

Boe: The only person that I really remember Jay having a problem with was Curtis Scoon. Him and Jay, they never really was cool for whatever reason. I don’t know, but they wasn’t ever really cool. Big D and Lil D, Big D… he had nothing. I understand Jay put him on, you know what I’m saying? Helped him break into Def Jam. He was a bum from across the street. Jay looked out for him, gave him something. That’s what he did for everybody that he knew. Everybody that he knew was bums around him, and he made them something. All of them. I interviewed Big D after the shooting. He definitely spoke highly of Jay and said it was something he would never do, obviously. But I was just wondering your take on it. Is that something either of them two would ever be considered doing?

Boe: I don’t put anything past anybody. Just as well as somebody could do things you don’t expect them to do every day. And people do things and try to hide things. I believe if any one of them knows something, then they’re all part of it, and they’d be just as worse as the ni**a that shot Jay. I believe Big D is capable of doing anything.

Back in the day, Big D used to rob banks, and one of his homeboys got caught and Big D got caught. Big D ended up snitching on one of his partners, put him in jail forever. Nobody believed Big D would do something like that, but then he did, know what I’m saying? He walks around like he’s got street cred, when he’s one of the biggest snitches in Queens, know what I’m saying? I think Big D’s really a good actor. I don’t know half the time when he’s telling the truth or when he’s lying.


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  • Damn!
    This $hyt was one hard hitting interview.
    >>>>Looks at calender

    It’s only Monday & looks like AHH gonna go HAM this week again.

    Keep up the good work!

    I want the next part , this time , focus on Tinard , Curtis & Big D.
    This is some gangster horror tales type $hyt!

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    “Randy ass was there
    Now he running scared”

    Boe scagzz interview = epic fail.

    Not getting the point of the interview.????????

    I solved biggie murder, less then 6 hours
    After being on the west coast.

    Its been 9 years and these dudes still
    Acting like they dont know what happen.
    “Negro please” ( nas voice)


    I might have to take an trip to hollis queens,
    And get to the bottom
    Of this. Lol

    No way street aint leak or drop a dime on who did it.

    Obviously just like in pac & big cases.

    Who ever is responsible, Got enuff cred or pull

    That nobody will name drop on record.

    Thought this story would drop a bombshell. Just his nephew using it i guess for some 2 mintues of fame.

    Either way shet is fuk up,

    How f do you rock jmj,
    niggah is a legend.

    Russel and run did him dirty. On the money tip.

    Jay shouldnt even had been in his situation or should had been well off.

    Not trying to make ends meet.

  • Arranges transportation & lodging arrangements for El Bark to head out to Hollis & find out who killed JMJ.

    At Grouchy Greg:
    Where is part three?

    >>>>Waiting impatiently

    • EL_BARK


      Yeah edog,
      I should went pass hollis on one of them days i was at dyckman league

      Man its like i dont be understanding shet.

      The gov can tract bin laden down based of a carrier first name?????
      Really though.

      Like for real

      Off a carrier first name. They tract this niggah all the way to pakistan????

      That like a niggah saying david, you know how hard it got to be to track a niggah in foreign land, where there is no uniformed id system, cause they terrorist.

      And not only go Find him, but go through god knows how many people to find him.

      And then track him to a mansion. GTFOH.

      They found sadamn laying in a dirt tunnel.

      A fuking dirt hole. In the middle of the desert.

      But they cant find biggie & pac murders,
      People who got gunned down on a populated corner
      Among hundreds of witnesses. Lol

      I been to fight night, in vegas not one casino camera
      Caught the getaway video. Vegas is one of the city witj CCtv camwra everywhere.

      Biggie got gunned down on willshire in fronts of cops,
      And these dudes, still got away.??????

      Not to mention biggie and puff were under fbi surveillance,???
      And not one fed, who were shadowing biggie every move.
      Gave pursuit….

      But when pookie and lil rah rah bussed or catch a body in the hood.
      They lock a niggah up quick or will put the body on somebody.

      But these dudes cant figure out who exactly did what.
      Or they know who did what and just dont care.
      Even pac and biggie shet got solved in the street.

      Jmj get popped in a studio with people,
      His own crew, and dont nobody know nothing.

      I refuse to believe that this gov or law enforcement is that incompetent (sp)

      Only reason reg people murder get solved ADA, need them trial & convictions points to boost they career.

      Lapd dont wont to dig they own grave, so they wont officially solve biggie case.

      Pac case was settle in the street.

      And jmj, there several theroies but dont nobody no for sure

      Or the ones who do know, or might know: boe skaggz
      Do interview saying a bunch of nothing.

      I not the one that condone snitching. But what the point in doing interview saying jmj memory isnt being remembered. When yall keeping hush on what happens.

      dude talking bout he pistol whipped somebody. Which if my memory serves me correct got exaggerated. Cause i was up in queens, the morning after jmj got murder.

      Personally i think the person behind it ended up getting a life bid for some other shet.
      And thats why its not solved. Cause the got him already.
      Aint too many cats that runs queens with an iron fist.

      Then if the shooters really did show up to view the body.
      That make boe skaggs, randy, & everybody else
      Super soft…..

      Cant complain about jmj being forgotten.
      When yall help contributed to it.

      • ^^^^This was some real $hyt!^^^^^

      • I’m not at home at my actual comp/files but this is what I’ve gathered from my research (off my head): Jay’s cousin Stephon had Tinard Washington staying in Jays childhood home. Jay was not happy about that due to Washingtons past and reputation and told his cousin that Tinard had to go. Tinard was made to leave, but not before he stole a gun from that house. He then showed up at the studio where/when Jay and Tony Rincon where chillin in front of a video game. Everyone was pretty much all good around there, and there was a party going on next door, so no one thought much about buzzing up familiar faces and party goers. At one point a man (presumably Tinard) walks in, tells the woman up front(can’t recall her name, High maybe?) to get down, walks into the studio, and when Jay looks up to greet him, the shot rang out. Then Rincon was shot and the man fled. It seems to me like there may have been a brief conversation with others present (possibly in different rooms), possibly threats made, before he fled.. since by the time the police showed up, din’t anyone really have sh*t useful to say. Can’t call it. But immediately after the shootings, Washington went on a crazy crime spree and got knocked for multiple robberies. His g/f must have felt safe after he was in custody facing double digits because she eventually implicated him in the murder of JMJ and the 1995 murder of Stretch Walker. He claims he was only a lookout on the JMJ shooting, but I strongly feel that it’s simply an attempt to minimize his involvement. Jays cousin stated that Washington was sort of known for that. I’m positive there’s more to the story, there always is. But I’m pretty sure it went roughly as stated. Though it doesn’t seem like the police really give a.f.. RIP JMJ

      • EL_BARK

        if you dont mind me asking
        this post 4 years old

        how did you find it and what make u read a article 4 years old
        if u dont mind me asking

      • Yesterday was Jay’s birthday. And it’s been some years since I even convo’d about this incident.. but since I came across it I figured I’d add my 2 cents. I’m sure some of the details are rough but that’s what I remembered overall.

      • EL_BARK

        yeah i just heard recently that tinard was in on strecth killing alledgelly because strecth rip off a drug dealer……. but your theroies sound plausible as to people who were close or involved pretty much said the same thing. it was the people around Jay that tinard who i think was a informant at one point as well

      • EL_BARK

        soon preme never had nothing to do with it? although i sure it didnt help him because he got indicted after that and murder inc got raided soon after

      • He may have been a bug in an ear.. He may have been part of the cover up. Or he maybe entirely innocent. We’ll prolly never know 100%.


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    • scullyson

      Yeah it doesnt sound like he’s been put on to any thing of substance. He’s as much in the dark as the rest of us. smh

  • This is sad