Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West / Drake


LMAO! Look what MediaTakeOut is reporting…that Kanye and Drake have beef. Get this: Kanye is the one that got Drake’s album pushed back, a move that supposedly cost Drizzy millions. Now, I have to say, I don’t believe this mess, but this is what they are saying. Drake is definitely on top these days, but I am hearing that sample clearances were the real reason his album was bumped back…BUT, they are saying those samples WERE Kanye WEST samples. They also said that Ye is mad that Drake is stealing his style and making a mint off of it. Let me find out Commander Kanye has gone 50 Cent on the young generation!

Last but not least, MTO says there is a Kanye West diss track directed to Drake. I can’t think of the last time Ye had beef. Never!

These guys can’t fight. Its not right.

  • churchboy2

    This is a stretch at best. Something out of nothing it seems.

    Neither of these cats is built for beef – and they both know it.

  • and we should care why???

    • anemia716

      Yet you took the time and energy to write a comment…..yea that makes sense.

  • Drake & Ye’ beef shouldn’t be called BEEF , more like ” FISH ”
    They should open a seafood store together because they both Sell Fish! ( Selfish )

    If they did fight , I’d expect it to be over a women’s blouse that they both want to wear!


    I bet they fighting over a blouse, &
    Who can sing better……

    man if u from canada, u cant ever have the word beef and yall name in the same sentenced.
    The shet dont go together..

    Canadians have a way or being polite, even when they argruing

    Think i am lieing. Go to any zee back & forth from the old format.

    Every time canadians insult you, they use a polite word first.

    Ie. ” i sorry my friend. But your are completely retarded.”

    Or ” i apologize for this, but that is the dumbest thing i heard ever in my life”

    Kayne well, this lil niggahs, well if you want to scare him.
    Just compliment him on his jewlery, and give him
    That awkard eye look. And say ” i Like that watch, it would look nice on my arm”
    Prolly rub your hand side to side, while you saying it like you, almost can imagine it on you, and getting mad compliments on it.

    I sure that niggah, will fold ASAP.
    Think i lying refer: choke no joke video

    Both of these milkshakes prolly never been in a fist fight,
    But def believe son.
    If they to throw down, its going to
    Involve pillow and prolly they PJ.
    4 real B.

    • This dude called them “milkshakes”. *Rollin’*

    • MrTroyMercy


    • Mos High

      hey well im sorry us canadians have so much manors lol.(most of the black folk in Toronto orignate from carribbean).on the real i would never discount that attribute (but it gets us play with women around the world). just like anywhere else there is many here in Toronto that think Drake is corny, especially rappers. but they know how important he is to bringing attention to the city.  Atlanta had the most gay black men and women but im sure not all the people are fish. we all come this site to read bullshit so it is what it is.

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                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

    • Chris Sheppard

      Someone should take an English course…

  • David Gonz


  • johnblacksad

    TOFU! Not beef…

  • Keith Brickz

    two faggggggs…drake kanye big sean are the gayest rappers of all time

    • MrTroyMercy

      you forgot Lil B and Sodjia boy lol….

  • MrTroyMercy

    AYE yo Illseeed you sound like a crooning female . I peep how you gonna manage to throw a Drake rumor into a pointless rumor. Nikka or Nigget , or whatever the hell you are, we all know what you are trying to do, you had to mention both of ya man crushes in one lil made up rumor to promote your true first love Drake .

    these two femine cats beefing over ANYTHING is equal to two little girl beefing over who stole thier dora the explorer doll . This shet is like Diago beefing with Sponge Bob. These two deligate cats beefing over who rainbow is brighter or some shet . Them nikkas fighting is satin beach robes right now .

    drake : oooooooohhhh i can sing better than you / oooooh jay should’ve did a joint cd with me / ooooooh Wayne says he likes my waves / oooooh Jay-z could do better


    drake : yeh after Judah naz gave me deep throat/ I listened to his beats and my keyboard and my ear drum brokes/ they keep say i’m gay and whisper to kittens/ Ye don’t want it , I box in pink mitten/ I swim in coolaid/ now tell me who gay /my head game drop nikkas TOUPE/ I got goons that look like fruity flash mob/ a lonely mobster/ picking berries is my day job/ Kayne beefin, cause amber rose banging Skeltor/ and I’m selling cd’s while he shop at the women’s store/ i wear blouse a trouser but with canadian class / degrasssi swag , wheelchair Jimmy’s back / so jay-z f*ck tha nikka you did that cd with/ Nikkas in Paris is not a real good hit/ I could’ve sang on Otis and made track hot/but now watch throne is all yeezy got/

    ooooooh jay-z you can better/ooof jay electronica will come out never /ooooh riannnaha got a big forehead////oooooh you should’ve watched the throne with me me instead/

    kayne: no he didn’t , i’m about to unbutton this blouse, take off my pink limited addition of air yeezy’s and lift off , no Beyounce . This little fruit cake stole my fruity swag and Illseed , keep promoting my stlye. Yo Jay you hear this ? he straight up jacked RUNAWAY LOVE and BLAME GAME . I’m Yezzy , Edward Scissor Hands ain’t got ish on me . Jay that shey cray!

    Jay: yo both of ya sound like broads yo … I already gotta deal with Bey and this fake baby bump yo. Yo notice hoe jay Cole always looks like a victim ? he just had a number one album. We old and rich and Drake is Young mony drop that verse Yezzy.

    Kayne: ok, jay that shet cray!

    *calls Pusher T and demands a verse to be written*

    *verse is delivered via SKYPE*

    KAYNE VERSE : trousers and bouses , trench coat and riches/ i dress better than women and yap better than snitches/ champaign for the pains/ you soft as wave grease/ your boss is a rapping turtle/ who got run away zombie teeth/ Drake aka wheel chair jimmy/played a gay role in Canada really ?/ I dissed Bush and snatched Taylor Swift Mic/ and recorded a Cd with the antichrist / damn i missed Amber Rose / her bald head and preety toes/ hold up

    * starts crying and has to compose himself after realizing he really misses wearing matching blouses and panties hoes with Amber*

    *continues rap*

    I just got finish swimming in coolaid sweeter than yours/ been on world tours sexin manwhores/ you can have judah naz/ we all faaaags/ i’m just illumanti and dress in drag/ so drake one on one me and you no clip on nails/ tell baby he like jay old as hell/ hold up

    * starts crying again *

    these cats will be mos def beefing on some reality show ish … headlines readlines KAYNE battle Drake over sample on Gay Per Veiw. Oprah and Gail will be special Judges and Judge David Young and Tevin Campbell will be in both of the rappers corners . The referee will be none other than ELTON JOHN.


    Since this is Drake’s payola month , you might as well blog about Drake farting . Drake had Pizza in Pisa with a zesty English looking fellow. Raz b signs to YMCM. Drake plays Booty ball with Chris Stokes.Drake and Marquis houston does a joint album entitled ” BOOTY BANDITS”.

    this so called beef is softer than Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil on a new born baby’s booty.

    They beefing over who got the fruitiest swag. They going in a biding war over Lil B and baby bash. This shet ain’t no beef. How they gonna beef over samples when Drake’s whole album sounds alike ? Like i said , yo favorite rumor maker is making up rumors about fruitloops. Might as well just say” go buy take care and while you at it buy Thank me later too”

    Drake , we love you!!!!!!

    now moderate this beyoooooootch!

    • How u call Illseed a female then proceed to write a fuckin essay? GTFOH

      • MrTroyMercy

        Just like you can proceed to suck a elephant left nut sack beyoootch . Don’t like what I post don’t read soft azz nikka . Illseed got a apologist I see . You a stan, phoney and a sucka .

        Fyi soft azz nikka , I can type what I want , when I want and how long I want . Now kindly proceed to eat dicck up til ya hiccup . Ole delegate keyboard finger having nikka.

        Pump ya break and lift pamper soft ass nikka.

    • LMAO @ this hip hop fairy tale.. any1 that has time to write gay azz stories like u CLEARLY get no puzzy.. good imagination but damn u gay as hell for this. SERIOUSLY

      How old r u?

    • Chris Sheppard

      Until drake can get 14 grammy’s , there’s no discussion… He is inspired by kanye…he’s said it in pass interviews ….

  • MrTroyMercy

    now make up some bullshet.

    My mother always told me if you don’t got noting to say then don’t say nothing . In your case that would be don’t type nothing smh .

    you know damn well that you gonna get backlash but this is good stradegy ( fucc a spell check) with the fruitness that’s going on with the rumors section- you might well annouce that this is the last season of Desperate Housewives . You might as well annouce that Stedman and Oprah really ain’t a couple . You might as well annouce that Regis retired . You might as well annouce that batman and Robin was a couple.. You might as well annouce coolaid got a new flavor ..smh

    • I hate emotional geeks like u. Just shut up and stop dickeating

      • MrTroyMercy

        I see yo chumps ass put on ya big girl panties today . You the one snacking on dicks for a hobby homegirl … me emotional ? Naw you , Hoemotional , meaning you are acting like a broad in the sense that you are male that does femalish ( fucc a spellcheck) type behaviors . Therefore , lil buddy you need to change that tampon cause I can tell that got four lips and bleed for seven days . Step ya femintation game up .

        See I mind my own buisness , I post my post and bouce but then due to DISQUS sending me emails of the broads responding to my post with Homotional ways , I gotta put you in your place – even if you rocking ya big girl panties.

        Oh you hate me huh ???? Well , I hate ya momma for making yo lame azz …like I said Hoemotional azz nikka , you don’t like my post don’t read them cause you know I can give fucck less about you not liking what I type ,ya dig ?

        Smh somebody needs a male role model in they life and I’m talking about one that ain’t no sissy like you ? Lol @ this clown calling me a geek …smh ..

      • its all good…just keep writing ur lil hip hop fairy tales on comment sections sweetheart lol

      • MrTroyMercy

        Okay homegirl , just make sure you change ya tampon this month lol… hold up did this fruit loop just call me sweetheart ? The amount faggotry in the music game lol …homie , or homette , which ever one you perfer … I’m not about to argue all day with no nikka on his period , PERIOD . SMH …LOL @ THE SAME TIME ….. the letters S.W.E.E.T H.E.A.RT just came out yo Liberace fingers . Anyways good luck on stop all that feminatations and bleeding home girl.

        Smh …

      • u got good imagination boy but at the end of the day u look wild homo for making up rap fables…where they do that at???? i’ll wait….

        real talk…go get some puzzy, story time is done lol

  • MrTroyMercy

    And Drake ain’t on top of shet … stop reaching homo

  • Zom

    drake did take kanye’s style .. but what new-gen rapper hasnt .. kanye changed the game — ZomBeatz|DotCom

  • Royal_Chiefa

    I doubt they beefin…they too soft to beef..Drake need to return to what got people to look for him b/c this wanna be hardcore ish aint flyin out this way..Ye is likely more concerned about his blouse collection smh…

  • $17637591

    This sounds about right especially since Drake dropped his management which is the same comany that manages Yeezy. I wouldn’t call it beef but they don’t like each other. Drake sent a shot saying “my favorite rappers dead or either lost it” and “The throne is wide open for the taking/ watch me take it”. On Otis Kayne shot back with a potent line: “Damn Yeezy & Hov where the hell you been/ Ni99az talkin real reckless stuntmen/ I adopted these ni99az/ Phillip Drummond them”.  Yeezy adopted Drake Jcole Wale & Big Sean cuz they all bit his style in some form or fashion.


    • MrTroyMercy

      Homie to keep it real one hundred , if nikkas bit Kayne’s style they also bit John Legend , rhymefest , pusher T , Consequence and the list goes on . If you even remotly listen to ALL of THE Lights , you can tell Rick Ross wrote that . YOU Could tell Pusha T wrote Heleva life .

      So hip hop is hip hop nobody has their own style . Now if nikkas start blantey ( fucc a spelccheck) jacking nikkas style like Sodjia Boy is doing and how Master P use too then that’s offical fraud right there .

      Both of these cats ain’t orginal , so need for them to have a damn cat fight over who’s biting who is pointless because Kayne biting off The World Class Wrecking Crew as far as style and Drake been jacking the Weekends style … they might not like each other cause they to femine acting aura of walking pauses.

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  • superman707

    Yall love some Drake beef rumors huh?

  • BlovedDestroyer

    does everyone think theyre Big Ghost now?

    • MrTroyMercy

      You ain’t been around long enough to knoww that certain person use to ghostface skits and drake disses way before the chronicles came out homie . On this very site lil fella before they change the format .. so be wise to shut the fucck up and slow ya role .

      Fyi – matter of fact fucck a Fyi , I’m in a rebel mood …FUCCK you Idiot is my Fyi to you ..

      • BlovedDestroyer

        oh you rebel you….”take care” buddyro.  ur lil fit was cute

    • Papi Peligro

      Bloved Destroyer did try to sneak diss. 

  • i picture these two going into a big pink room and settling this with a good old fashoined pillow fight.

    • Royal_Chiefa


    • Jaymalls

      Kind of a gay picture b…. SMH!

  • khaosol.com

    a illseed stop stealing gossip stories. yall need to focus on updating this site, that was apparently designed by a novice web designer.

  • Chris Sheppard

    Fans of both…. and I hope to see good music from all of this….but their sexual preferences doesn’t have anything to do with this article….

  • Southcidal

    Well, that is Yeezy’s style Drake is using……..I’m just sayn……………

    • Jaymalls

      Preach nigga! Drake n his producer 40 ran with his whole style n admitted it 2… So u gotta respect it! P.S. this shit is false!!!

  • Papi Peligro

    Funny that rappers who’s whole album is samples get mad over somebody biting. 

  • RedBlack

    Illseed = young generations shield.

  • BlackGawd

    get em ye! kanye west= rap god

  • Black Trump

    To all you fuk a spell check dudes… If U think u have something smart to say, or something intelligent to contribute.  The least you can do is take the extra time to not look stupid.

    i.e.” you know damn well that you gonna get backlash but this is good stradegy ( fucc a spell check)”…. It’s strategy you dumb fuk…  Com’on son u skipped 3rd grade English, and went str8 to  philosophy huh?

  • S

    Both these fools latest solo albums are soft so what’s the beef over? Who get’s the Mr Softee award or something? Either these dudes are feeling there self way too much or there panties are too small and they need to buy a bigger size.

  • dominicancoke

    if they beef ima call out from work and get some popcorn i like it when girls fight alotta scratching n hair pulling two bitches

  • QDaGamer


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  • BilderbergSuperstar

    dude lost millions to his managers..he fucked himself by signing a deal ..all he needed was distribution…he mad the same bread as Wiz kalifah last year which is crazy..nigga had a sprite commercial…

  • Knut Arne Sel

    Drake owe his career to Kanye and 808s & Heartbreak. Whoop his ass Ye!