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Hip-Hop Rumors: Detox Is Never Coming Out


Well, this isn’t going to shock most people. But, I guess I will say it anyway. Sources close to and outside of the Aftermath Camp are saying that Dr. Dre’s 10-plus year waiting a$$ album, Detox, will never see the light of day. I was actually just looking at a car commercial. I guess, extending the life of the allure of the album has been very profitable. I suppose if it flops, the freaking whole ship sinks. Anyway….yeah. The sky is blue. Fire is hot. Water is wet. Gucci Mane is crazy. Detox is never coming out (according to rumors). What’s new?

Pour out some spring water for the album.

Just an FYI. Dr. Dre recently announced he was taking a “break” from music. And his people swore this had nothing to do with Detox and that it was still on the way. Just letting you know, the actual people around him proclaim this Detox album is coming out.”

  • therealest1

    Not surprising at all since this has been on the cutting room floor for over 10 years now. I guess Dr. Dre is content with selling headphones.

  • Just like the NBA lockout rumor , I think your right on this one too!

    Still , hard to doubt Dre. He does drop some fiyah beats ….that can make an MC seem better than they really are , but in reality , DRE doesn’t have the MC’s around him that can showcase his music.

    Lyrically or vision-ally , the rappers around Dre are shallow.
    ( Not all & not all the time )

    Dre is Old school & needs old school MC’s , or New school throw back MC’s…that can actually flow.

    Drug rap played out.
    ( The chronic still knocks for Old heads though )

    DRE feat: Immortal Technique, Krs , Chuck D , Mos Def , LL , Dead Prez , etc, might be hot.

    New school?
    Quite a few , but new school can’t “RAP” up to Dre’s level.

    • TruthSerum

      that list of artists would sound awful over Dre’s production, he already tried with LL and we got that “Zoom” Bullshit, the rest of them dudes are on that “I’ve been to the top of the mountain top” Positive Black Man Preach Rap and Dre is known for making negative as hell gangster rap and Eminem’s “I hate the world” rap, its a style clash

      He needs to get with Scarface, or somebody like that if we’re talking OG’s, and new blood, Stick with Kendrick and reach out to some other artists that fit his style of production

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        I agree. I think he needs to link up with Nip Hussle. IMO dude is the best out the west and if he was backed by Dre he would be one of the biggest names out right now.

  • whc83

    I got a feelin that 50 bout to drop a good album next year

    • Kanye West

      Hopefully so Dre can wake up can continue with Detox.

  • who really cares?? what was the last hit he produced??

    • rjlarke

      “Crack a Bottle” (Eminem featuring Dr. Dre & 50 Cent)”I Get It In” (50 Cent)”We Made You” (Eminem)”Old Time’s Sake” (Eminem featuring Dr. Dre)”Ok, You’re Right” (50 Cent)”Catalina” (Raekwon featuring Lyfe Jennings)”3 a.m.” (Eminem)”Hell Breaks Loose” (Eminem featuring Dr. Dre)

      “Lost” (Dawaun Parker)
      “Rain” (Bishop Lamont featuring Liz Rodrigues)
      “Kush” (Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon)

      • Kanye West

        And that my friend takes care of the haters….salute.

  • Keith Brickz

    to behonest i dont care anymore

    • Kanye West

      Ya its because he’s got lil wayne and rick ross on detox now. I feel you 100% bro

  • TruthSerum

    Dre is already in the history books for his music so it doesnt effect his legacy one way or the other

    I have a theory tho

    How many of you remember back when Napster came out in 2000, and Dr. Dre was one of the most vocal artist preaching against illegal downloading??

    Since then, every year the D/L gets worse while Dre works less, I dont think its a coincidence, I think Dre knows that no matter what he drops its gettin stolen regardless and thats why he drags his feet and doesnt care

    Cant Download them Headphones tho, and he seems much more energetic and involved when it comes to those, Dre talking about his headphones in an interview and he gets all happy and giggly, ask him about Detox and its, “Ummmmm, yeah man, still workin on that, did I show you my new headphones yet??”

    • Tony G.

      good points

    • rjlarke

      So many flaws in your logic……. Less music since 2000? what about all the Eminem stuff just for starters. Can’t download his headphones? Well no, but there are counterfeits everywhere. Without the music nobody would know who he is, to buy his headphones.  He has always been a high quality low volume artist, how long between Chronic and 2001? Everyone who knows him is saying it’s because he’s a perfectionist but no, he doesn’t want to cement his place in history as an artist because he’ll only earn multi millions from dropping the album not 100s of millions. In fact Lady Gaga is thinking of jacking in the music because some is getting stolen to open a department store, but wait x amount of her profits will go to shop lifters so she may as well just quit everything. Dre is worth close to a billion, he doesn’t like getting ripped off as much as any of us but to think he’d quit music because of it is moronic.

      • Kanye West

        True dat but if I was a super producer like Dre I wouldnt care anymore because what ever I put my heart into always gets stolen and with the amount of singles I released over the years that would definitely piss me off to the point of making headphones. Everybody wants Dres record to the point where he cant even hand Jimmy Iovine one track without it being leaked or stolen! Its completely ludicrous!

  • who.. cares.

    • Kanye West

      Who ever will??????????

  • why this even news lol
    why would dre put a CD tht would bootleg 50 percent of his fans, when can sell headphones for 250 lets see a million cd at 10 each or a million headphones at 250 each that not count the beats laps and car speakers

  • H. U. S.

    Dre need some damn detox, them roids killin his ability to produce shit! 

  • bs_hater1

    No surprise here. Its sooo much hype behind this project that it could never live up to expectations anyway.

    • Kanye West

      He killed us with the hype long ago. Thats why I Relapsed back into Chronic.

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  • Honestly, I kind of hope it doesn’t come out.  I mean after all this time of waiting if he drops it and it sucks, imagine how mad you’d be.  No Detox album means he goes out known as a legend.

    Or to put it this way, imagine how many of y’all haters would be dick riding on HOV and calling him a legend if he truly stopped with the Black Album and never dropped anything after..

  • 50 cent is the past, present, and future

    • Kanye West

      Yup hopefully his new album will show everyone why!

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  • Tony G.

    People are failing to realize one thing…Dre doesn’t NEED to drop Detox…IF he chooses to, its simply becuz he wants to get the music out..everyone keeps talking about headphones…but Beats by Dre is more than Headphones…his stuff is in automobiles now, his stuff is in cell phones now…he has a sub-woofer line..not to mention the money he’s still making off of Em, 50 and a slew of other artists…and he has Kendrick Lamar and others on deck..if he NEEDED to do Detox it would have been out yrs ago…he’s the freaking man detox or no detox…

    • bisolabliss

      Keep telling yourself that and don’t tell yourself the truth that the reason the shite of an album aint dropping is because all his ghost producers that does the bulk of the work he claims credit for have bounced and he knows he aint up for it all by himself and he’s scared of dropping a flop of an album.

    • rjlarke

      Well you state the obvious without mentioning the obvious, so to speak. Of course he doesn’t “need” to drop detox the man has been wealthy since the 80s, he also sold half of Beats for $300,000,000 to HTC. Which most people would be aware of. It’s not all about financial need. The man wants perfection he has a need for that too. He also has a need for acclaim, I feel. He wants recognition so Detox will drop…………. When it’s ready. People realise this well enough, who the hell is saying Dre will drop Detox because he needs the money, you’re making stuff up.

      • Kanye West

        Y foreal Dre needs money? SMH hes in forbes so that alone should be enough to  tell you he’s financially certified.

  • Royal_Chiefa

    Funny thing is, almost all the DJ’s I network work with..West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest..all have had Detox for close to a year now…It’s not like people haven’t heard it..It’s just not ever gonna drop

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