Hip-Hop Rumors: Detox Is Never Coming Out



Well, this isn’t going to shock most people. But, I guess I will say it anyway. Sources close to and outside of the Aftermath Camp are saying that Dr. Dre’s 10-plus year waiting a$$ album, Detox, will never see the light of day. I was actually just looking at a car commercial. I guess, extending the life of the allure of the album has been very profitable. I suppose if it flops, the freaking whole ship sinks. Anyway….yeah. The sky is blue. Fire is hot. Water is wet. Gucci Mane is crazy. Detox is never coming out (according to rumors). What’s new?

Pour out some spring water for the album.

Just an FYI. Dr. Dre recently announced he was taking a “break” from music. And his people swore this had nothing to do with Detox and that it was still on the way. Just letting you know, the actual people around him proclaim this Detox album is coming out.”