Emerging Waka Flocka Affiliate Slim Dunkin Dead

(AllHipHop News) Rising rap star Slim Dunkin is dead, according to reports. The rapper was shot and killed in an Atlanta recording studio Friday night, according to reports.

Details are sketchy at press time, but some loose reports state that he was shot in the face numerous times. The rapper was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Associates of the rapper have been sending condolences on Twitter.

Dunkin was a member of Brick Squad a crew that includes Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka , but he gained a great level of notoriety on his own.

More on this as details are available.

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98 Responses to “Emerging Waka Flocka Affiliate Slim Dunkin Dead”

      • EZE4

        Yeah but that doesnt mean nothing. He could have said that & didnt mean a word of it. He probably only said that because he didnt back down from fighting him.


    That’s why these youngins’ need to stop going on Worldstar & making dumb videos threatening each other. You have the whole world watching this play out. This generation is crazy!

  2. MrTroyMercy

    Damn all these rap cats muscle are being murdered wow . He rode for Waka so Waka better ride for him . R.I.p another young brother who died too young . I rememeber seeing a video of him punching this dude for wear a CTE shirt .

    Pretty soon its not gonna be safe to be rapper anymore . All. Thse cats promoting violence and gangbanging . Their image is always gonna be tested by street lions…. hate to bring these dudes up in this article but Wayne , tyga , Baby , Sodjia Boy , Messy Merv and all these all of a sudden gangbangers better learn from stories like this .

    Sad to say that despite the violence … I actually liked some of his music – can’t front ..

    Brick squad affilates taking L’s right now in a major way . Plus gangbanger L’s ..look at what happen to that younging who’s uncle whoop’d him on camera cause he fake banging and glorifying that type of lifestyle .

    Hell it was cats that use to post here that was banging and glorifying that BS.. R.I.P to slim dunkin not cause he was a so called “real nigguah ” but because his story should help the neww generation see that it ain’t asy out there in the streets and what you see on tv ain’t reality… wake up!

      • MrTroyMercy

        Yeh , it’s already too late for some but a few can be saved but don’t want to be . This generation ( young minority males) don’t realiize while they are watching tv idolizing what they see , that they are being part of the Truman Show . It’s sad to see a brother died over sensless and pointless mess . I’m not that much older than that dude and been around similar situation , but I never dealed with that mess cause I’m a man .

        To be real ..I don’t know how man so called ” goons and real nigguahs ” in this industry ,or in life in general , gotta get murdered or lock up in the system before anyone gets it .

        They wanna glorify the BS but don’t wanna suffer the reprocussions . My people raised me to be a leader and never follow . I guess those lesson are being taught anymore and its sad .

      • MalcolmLittle

        Hit the nail on the head.  Ain’t NO respect for the game no more man, it’s like niggas done completely forgot how to have integrity, parameters and scruples.  Case in point, the way the nigga Dunkin snuck fam on that WorldStar vid for wearin a damn CTE shirt.  Too pussified to MAN UP AND HEAD UP with dude, nah that woulda been too much like right; so instead he decides to come up from behind then get little before dude could get up.  I feel bad for whatever members of Dunkin’s family didn’t cosign and enable his bullshit, but I ain’t about to shed no tears for homeboy.  He insisted on tryin to prove how “hood” he could be.  That Truman Show analogy was real shit too fam.

    • Trill O'Reilly

      You probably the same nigga that swears 2Pac & Biggie were the greatest even though they glorified violence in their music.  You can say whatever you want about this generation, but just remember whose generation raised us.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Look here homeboy , i ain’t about to argue or debate with you on this thread because someone lost his life , and that’s disrespect ..but I’m gonna tell you one thing – the new generation is raising this generation because there are far too many young ladies having baby’s with no fathers to help them at young ages .

        Don’t come at me with the bullshyt when I was just straight expressing how I feel about this situation and current state of minorites .

        Yep I bump’d Pac , at a young and still respect his versiltilty ( fucc a spellcheck) but did I go and get a thug life tat ? Did start gangbanging ? …….. the answer is NO.

        Miss me with that I was raised this way bull cause everybody got free mind and free will to change . So basically all you are saying to me is ” I got a excuse for being what I am and what I do cause I was raised like this – this all know so don’t diss the generation when y’all was to first to do it ” .

        You already know not to blame nobody for the mistakes you make .

      • MalcolmLittle

        Apples and oranges my nigga…I ain’t heard of none of these new cats speakin on the OTHER side of the life, tellin the youngins the consequences of gettin involved in that bullshit.  THAT’S what made the artists of our generation so great, yeah they talked about violence but they also showed BOTH sides of the coin.  Problem is this Estrogeneration wants to act like shit’s a game all the time, that’s why everytime we turn around now y’all are dancin.

      • MalcolmLittle

        FAM…go peep the HipHopDX article about this, someone over there maggin as Neb!  Cuz I know damn well it wasn’t HIM that posted it…talkin about Omaha Crip and the whole nine…

      • MrTroyMercy

        Lol!!! Forreal again ??? Immma bout to go read ish ..what thread ? Me and Muthadon was chattin about somebody magging on that site lmao… I bout to check now… this studio session almost over… smh

      • MalcolmLittle

        LOL  Hell yeah that shit threw the hell outta me when I saw it, like “Ain’t no way in HELL that’s fam”.  You say this ain’t the 1st time it’s happened though huh, apparently crossbloggin mags are the new shit now??  LMAO…damn shame…I’m sure we can both guess who it is though, soon as the BigEast mag pops up over there that’ll pretty much confirm it.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Yeh , they don’t even know how to insult a blood or a crip smh … Homeboy did me , Muthadon, Judah( although I think its that sucka azz cat shock posting) and few more cats on here …they even did Zee smh .. one thing I know about that site is they keep us postd on strictly HIPHOP newws underground or mainstream …but I usually skip the comment cause some hate , some dicxkride and some just leave you feel dumb down .

        But if you be a CRIP at least know the termanology to insult rivals smh.
        richard p sickert… now tell me i aint paid!

      • MalcolmLittle

        Ah nah not Zee, that’s just takin it too damn far right there…smh too.  But yeah lowkey the ignorance in the comment section over there is what brought me to AHH in the 1st place, right before the infamous “Black Friday”…LOL.  They’re KILLIN AHH news-wise (music-wise too) though, that’s the only reason I still check in over there.  But yeah I peeped that confused ass insult on his post too, it almost slipped right past me at 1st but then I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t trippin.  And I wasn’t.  LOL

      • MrTroyMercy

        Lmao , yeh I already knew it wasn’t blasta cause he don’t even type like that smh.

      • MalcolmLittle

        Right…man we need Neb and the rest of the old regs back here though, real shit…I see a lotta the old heads done made their way back but the board don’t even feel right without some of the cats that used to post.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Real spit right ? Before I crash cause this mix down session is some what over ..cats are constantly saying HIPHOP IS DEAD …know why because we killing ourselves… no matter if er aspiring , famous , or independant ..cats are dying over BS! Smh…

      • MrTroyMercy

        you did mean nebalsta right cause very few folks had it over here with him lol… that shet is funny and the same time sad smh …

      • MalcolmLittle

        Yeah I meant Neblastya…LOL  It’s more sad than funny to me though cuz dude (Neb) ain’t even posted on here ever since the layout change, at least not to my knowledge…so that’s at LEAST a couple months.  But yet and still after all this time someone still got him on their mind…ain’t nothin normal about that, hell just the thought of that whole scenario got me feelin uncomfortable and shit…

      • MrTroyMercy

        Yeh it is cats imitating internet cats smh.
        On Dec 17, 2011 1:52 AM, “Disqus”

  3. shoney31

    Da game real fucked up now, especially since pimp-c died, he was trying 2 dropp sum knowledge on us b4 he died but da people behind da closed doors dat right da checks nd dat allow us 2 promote da violence nd da gangbangin took him out bc he wnted us 2 cum together nd get money instead of beefing wit each other!

  4. ClassicAce2COB1123

    Another young brotha with the potential to change his ‘hood. Anytime we lose another potential warrior, we celebrate it like RIP shirts is cool! 3x in the mug is not cool and sends a message. Remember COINTELPRO

  5. $18916246

    DENIGGAFY YOURSELVES MY  BROTHER’S AND SISTER’S!  Learn to retire your lives in time due……not expire from ignorance and gun fire…..LIVE MY BLACK PEOPLE…LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MrTroyMercy

      Oh hold up to make this clear you aint the white rapper from DETROIT ? Dillas homie not HOUSESHOES … all imma say is … naw i dont think u him ..but what was location for that i mile movie where we played cards at the lunch table before they picked extras and ole dude with dreads started ” proof u real for being here now i been here over hrs and i aint even been picked” and everybody laughed.. or u might be some other Paradyme ???

  6. Brandon

    R.I.P big homie… im not gonna diss ur muzik jus cuz i dont listen to it….but imma say…live by the gun, die by it….dats wut u glorify in ur raps… it bound to become a reality..y r u so shock…dont blame our generation..blame urselves…s/o paradym n mr troy….

  7. maryann

    RIP young man… it’s so sad to see all this killing going on,, what happen to morals and respect for each other.. not only is 1 family grieving but the shooters will soon be too.  He will be caught and he will then have to pay the price as well as his family when he gets locked up or worse.  Isn’t it enough already???  None of us has the right to take any body’s life no matter what they did or said to us,, People will talk about you until the day you die and it should be in gods hands not one of our owns, you can either brush it off or let it take away who you are… because until they can walk on water then they don’t have shit to say to you that will mean anything worth taking some body’s life for… Enough is Enough

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yep , and sad to say Mario D Combs , his best friend and my homie got murdered in Minnesota this. Year as well… He use to hoop with all of us at ymca on 7 mile and Evergreen and at Joe D’s.

      Blade Ice cosigned dunk who went by a different name that I won’t disclose…..

    • MrTroyMercy

      “Dry Snitching” starts with a “D” and. ” Just Plain Ole Snitching” starts with a “J” but what u just. Did is called ” BITCHSNITCHINWHENYOUKNOWABOUTNADA” stop putting cats name in this HIPHOP POLICE investigation .. this don’t mean it was black on black crime cause ANYONE could’ve murder and knew that you Speculating bloggers , would make up shet to help the POE-LICE GET LEADS!!


  8. The Truth

    It’s sad and unfortunate he had to go out the way he did. Honestly I’m not surprised. For anyone who follows BSM and the whole nine then you would know that those cats are official and something like this was bound to happen. I’m not “Dry snitching” or whatever, but it’s either one out of two things. Keebo Gotti had something to do with it or what happened to ROSEMO700 played a role. It’s out of one or the two. But Keebo had respect for Dunk cuz Dunk fist fought him on tape by himself on behalf of Flocka. Dunk was a loyal dude and stuck by his word. Keebo put out the video on WorldStar speaking in a positive light about Slim saying he respected him for showing heart like that and fighting him one on one. So I figured they were cool after the squabble. 

    And for those who believe in conspiracy theories, not to start any rumours, but this was maybe an Illuminati sacrifice. Wacka was planning on retiring earlier this year. All of a sudden he had a change of heart and said that 2012 would be his year and that he’s gonna shut shit down. Now if that happenes, and you put the pieces of the puzzles together, then that illuminati shit makes sense. 

      • The Truth

        Just to tell you how ignorant and stupid you sound, snitching is telling authorities about something you have knowledge of and can be proven as fact. No one knows what happened to slim dunkin. All I did was list possibilities of what may have caused his death. It’s not to say as if I saw Kebo Gotti shoot Slim Dunkin, and then went and said KEBO SHOT SLIM. Shut the hell up and stop trying to sound smart and make people look stupid cause at the end of the day you’re the only one that looks like a fool. I bet you’re not even street so why are you even stressing about if I’m snitching or not? It’s not like you knew slim so it’s not like you’ll let bullets fly for him if anyone snitched. Keyboard gangster.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Yeah I guess the authorities don’t have internet access right? You on here saying it’s one of two things, what do you call that? If the so called hiphop cops are reading these boards then n*ggas like you are giving them leads. The crazy part about it is you don’t know sh*t. All you doing is speculating on a message board like a broad. I’m not finna get into no back and forth with you on here  cuz I ain’t no internet gangster,  I just made a statement. As far as not being street, that sh*t aint nothin to brag about homie. Im a grown ass man that works a legit job and takes care of his kids and I AM from the streets. Southside Chi. Killa Ward to be exact. Look it up. It gets very real champ, I just saw one of my best friends buried behind some street sh*t a few months back so miss me with that sh*t you talkin.

      • The Truth

        As if Authorities, out of all places, will come to AHH to investigate. They’d quicker go to twitter to investigate this shit. And to be quite frank buddy, this case will be dismissed in a matteer of two weeks cuz don’t nobody care about black people and how you people are dropping like flies all because you wanna be “street” and have this “I got hella pride cant no one mess with me” type of mentality. Let me tell you something, you a grown dude with kids and whatever, but still you wanna glorify the fact that you from the streets? What image you wanna put on? I bet you never caught a body a day in your life and you talking wreckless. And Killa Ward is soft they got stories of that shit its hella snitches out that hood. You aint from the streets. You prolly walk them to go to work but you never put in street work. Stop fronting like you something. And speculating? Once again ima make you look dumb. Speculating about shit you don’t know is a everyday feat in human life. You wanna know, so you come up with assumptions right? Prime example being that if I smacked the shit out of your woman but you aint know who did it, you’d wanna speculate right? So yea, speculating like a broad i suppose. Oh, and you also speculated by thinking that authorities are gonna come on here and gather information. So you biting your own tongue. You maybe never went to school so you dont understand logic.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. Argue with yourself from here on out loser ass n*gga.

      • The Truth

        There’s a difference between arguing and debating something. Once again, school would help. Peace.

      • The Truth

        I’m a Harvard graduate. What are you doing with your life other than braiding Lawandas hair? I thought so.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        What up Mike? When I read that sh*t that’s when I figured out this dude must be mentally handicapped, but hey, you can be whoever you want to be on the internetz. Hey everybody! I’m a cowboy/astronaut, and I drive a formula one racecar to work everyday. FOH. Lyin ass.

      • mike malarkey

        what up with u! right!!!! nigga said he was a damn harvard graduate!! hahahahaha smart dumb niggas and shit smh

      • Eric Davis

        Just to tell you how wrong you are, “dry snitching” is exactly what you just did. Which is give hints and details about a situation by mentioning previous events along with names (aliases) of the respective parties involved.

      • The Truth

        Dry snitching and snitching:

        Event: Man A shoots Man B
        Snitching: I saw Man A shoot Man B
        Dry Snitching: I told yall, Man A aint nothing to play with he hot in them streets.

        Know your shit homey. All I did was speculate. I don’t even know why yall worrying about if I dry stniched or not which clearly i didnt. At the end of the day its not like its your field, it wont effect how you sleep or anything like that, its not like youll come for me or anyhting.. Just worry about paying your internet bill life is serious.

      • The Truth

        I’m not a bad ass. I’m just a smart educated young man who’s intelligence surpasses those of you street Negroes who fight over nothing. Kill yourself you’re helping clean up society.

      • Tony G.

        what ur failing to understand is that as soon as shit like this happens..the first thing authorities do is hop on sites like this or twitter becuz they know niccas will be on there saying shit..and just the fact that u used a peron’s name or talked about a situation that the authorities may have had no knowledge of is wrong..not to say they’re gonna look at yours in particular…but what u did IS dry snitching..and im not one of the little homies ur talking of…Im a little older and know of which I speak.

    • TruthSerum

      Anybody who takes that Illuminati stuff seriously is delusional, no offense but do you people even realize how ridiculous that sounds, its like the plot of a really low budget Horror flick

      This ignorant hood dude got caught up in some ignorant hood shit and got his ignorant ass killed in the hood, stop reading more into this then its worth, better people then this die everyday for reasons they cant control and nobody cares, this dude knew what kid of life he was living, these tend to be the results, I feel for his family butit is what it is

      • clos1881

        If you don’t know this ignorant hood dude or what happened shut your ignorant ass up because your ignorant to the situation

  9. GoogleGilpinCourt

    The law would check 50 other sites before they checked this shit. IF they got here they would say “them nigga don’t know shit”. Which you don’t, as far as this case goes. Whoever saw the argument is who will snitch, not some random Blogger nigga

  10. Cynthia

    I just want to say I am from the real old school where people that had a disagreement just had it out one on one.No guns,pipes,knives,baseball bats,clubs,tire irons……etc.What is wrong with our country that our valuable children are dying for a simple argument or difference of opinion.RIP young man and for your family I am so sorry.Cynthia

  11. Black Exodus

    When this first happen…I don’t know why I thought it was one of his “Friends” that shot him…will that seems to be the case. Extremely sad, Black Men can’t get it together. Many of us stay on bullshit, simple arguments and misunderstanding lead to lead to death and destruction…what example are we showing to our WOMEN and CHILDREN…so much PRIDE…and so Little BRAINS. Rest in Peace young brother…remember my Brothers ” We Diamonds”.

  12. Charlie Kelly

    i dont know how these rappers that cant rap become rappers smh… i dont care if mofucas be selling pounds on pounds on pounds of whatever if u lame at rappin real rap fans shouldnt be listenin.. but RIP to a fellow human who died

  13. jefe941

    Why are Gucci’s affiliates getting killed?? Slim Dunkin and the dude from Cali that jumped on buddy head den got killed by him….this shit must cease!!!

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