Hip-Hop Rumors: Quickies Edition w/ Mos Def, Mac Miller, RZA, Gucci Mane, Pharrell and more!

Mos Def: One of 2011’s Most Influential Muslims

George Washington University has compiled a list of the Most Influential Muslims for 2011. Under “Celebrities and Sports Stars” in North America, only three names were chosen: Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Mr. Mos Def  Yassin Bey.

XXL announced today they were awarding Loon as 2011’s LEAST influential Muslim. No argument there.

The Philadelphia Flyers Celebration Song Is…

Yeah, Mac Miller gets the honor. In addition, Mac Miller will be featured in the upcoming issue of Forbes Magazine. See what happens when you have a song called “Donald Trump”!

Forbes Top Female Entertainment Earner of 2011 Is…

You probably guessed correctly. According to Forbes, Lady Gaga made an estimated $90 million in the past year between touring, album sales, and endorsements. Beyonce ($35 million), Rihanna ($29 million), and Alicia Keys ($10 million), round out the top 10. Guess you can get away with wearing ridiculous sh*t like you see above when you’re pulling in close to $100 million annually.

Fresh Out the Pen, Gucci Prepping Gucci Classics 2:

Quick Quickies:

-Rick Ross WILL be dropping a mixtape soon to hold fans/listeners over until God Forgives, I Don’t is released next year.

-For those keeping track, Kanye West is officially back on Twitter.

-RZA will have a recurring role on the upcoming season of Showtime’s Californication.

-Mary J. Blige was nominated earlier today (December 15) with a Golden Globe Nomination for her song “The Living Proof,” which was featured in the critically acclaimed 2011 movie, The Help.

-Pharrell Williams has officially announced his new venture in the fashion world, Billionaire Girls Club.” Get ’em while they’re hot!

-Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrest yesterday (December 15) for trying to purchase 10 kilos of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of pot. Cot Damn! You act like you’re in the middle of a lockout or something. EPIC FAIL!

-Flo Rida has officially entered a plea deal regarding his June arrest for DUI, which should get knocked down to “reckless driving.” Just ’cause you can afford a Ferrari, doesn’t mean you have to drive like an a$$ in one!

  • therealest1

    This is worthless news.

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  • Sam Hurd needed money that bad?

    Fail Blog for being so hands on , when you so high profile.

    Mos Def most influential?

    Hard to say either way , but he most definitely rates a mention.
    +1 for Mos Def

    Lady Gaga making serious bread… much of that is she spending , saving , investing?


    He wouldnt been straight, with the thousand pounds of weed.

    Break it down to 100 pounds packages,
    And sold them wholesale @ a cheap rate.

    Of he get caught with the weed. Prolly looking @ a 3-5 piece bid.
    If its his first offense….

    The 10 keys is a no- no with the weed.
    Now he looking @ a 10-20.

    But lets be real, if you got a money to buy a 1000 ponds.
    200 a pop X 1000 = 200,000

    Lets just say, he got it from the source himself.
    At 100 a pound, which is unheard of. That still 100,000 cash.

    Not to mention the 10 keys, on top of that.
    And i know he wasnt get them for no less. Then
    12.5 – 13-000 = 130,000, for the yayo….

    That niggah wasnt broke, he just stupid. Lol

    I dont know his fiances, but if you got 200,000 racks for drugs.

    You not starving. Unless he was balling out of control.
    And he down on his last, so he had to bust a move.

    I bet he dont even get down like that…
    I bet my money, a snitch niggah got booked.
    Somebody that he knows, or trusted.

    They then Rat to the feds, & was like yo if i call sam hurd,
    From the chicago bears. And make him a offer he cant refuse….
    he be down to make a score. Feds prolly hit him with that,
    Who can u set up or flip on.

    Sam prolly was minded his business, leaving practice.
    Get a phone call from the fed rat. ( his mans or homie)

    The rat was like, yonmy man in town and he came up on this crazy work.
    But he gotta move it quick. The rat prolly talk sam into it,
    Like it a sure thing. The rat prolly gave some crazy ass prices, (cheap)
    And SAM was like damn. I could buy all that shet,
    And be set for life. Lol dont got worry about injuries,
    Or getting cut, nothing. Lol

    Sam was like bet, let me holla @ dude first.
    The rat give a place. Sam goes to meet him.
    The undercover fed talks to SAM.
    They make agreement to puchase, which is on a wire.
    And Wa-la.

    Sam book on conspiracy to buy, and aint buy not one ounce.

    • EL_BARK

      the only reason i say that is.

      How many of us, just happen to do business with an undercover fed?????

      I know for damn sure, i not just going to discuss, a deal like that,
      With a stranger, or some nigga, i met at a bar..

      Somebody set him up, and had to vouch for the fed.
      On some donnie brasco shet….

      This shet make me think of, that
      Style P song. When he had those ghost in the machines,
      Mixtapes out. Lol

  • King Cold

    Ass news once again. Where MU @?

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