Slim Dunkin: Gucci Mane's Secret Weapon

Originally published February 2011.

“As a Emcee, I will be both respected and admired, leaving a legacy that will bring forth a Slim Dunkin” – Slim Dunkin

Slim Dunkin is more than just your average 20-year-old. The Atlanta native is one of the hotter Hip-Hop artists to emerge from the musical metropolis. The rapper is a member of the Brick Squad brand, currently home to the likes of heavyweights Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame. Despite his affiliation, Slim is able to stand alone. Equipped with a unique lyrical ability and style all his own, he hopes to claim his own place in Hip-Hop History. So, Atlanta is where AllHipHop found Slim Dunkin and the conversation went as follows: You’ve been making a lot of noise bro, so I want to know, who is Slim Dunkin?

Slim: Someone that it is trying to provide for his family by making something out of nothing just trying to beat the odds. So where did you get the Name ?

Slim:I got my name from the Neighborhood So where are you from?

Slim: Well I was born in Detroit but I moved to the south side of Atlanta Clayton County to be exact. So when did you realize that you had this amazing lyrical ability?

Slim: I don’t have amazing lyrical ability I just know how to speak on what I been through and where I came from So when You found out you could spit,what was the first thing you did?

Slim: Man I went to the club 50 deep performed the song and jumped in the crowd. I messed up my brand new Pradas. Oh you were wilding!

Slim: Yeah, kinda. Did you do talent shows and battles?

Slim: Nah, I don’t freestyle or do anything with the word free in it. (laughs) Ok cool, I can dig it, so when did you decide to go full force as a professional emcee?

Slim: Honestly,when I got tired of going to jail and get my life on the right track. No doubt, and I give you my respect for being able to do that and now do something positive with your life young bro.

Slim: Thanks man. So let’s talk about the mixtape you dropped,when did it officially hit the streets?

Slim: We released my mixtape “Menace to Society” on Halloween Who did you work with on the project?

Slim: Man I actually had the opportunity to work with some great artists who include my Ceo’s Gucci & Waka, Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash and more. Wow,that’s pretty impressive,every artists always a favorite joint,what’s your favorite joint on your mixtape and why??

Slim: Man my favorite joint is “I Gotta Eat”. The name of the song speaks for itself. The game full of back stabbers and cut throats so by any means I Gotta Eat. Damn,just like that ha ha, so sside from promoting your slamming new mixtape,I heard you had the acting bug,do explain.

Slim: [Laughs] Yea I’ve been offered a couple movie roles. I haven’t accepted any yet but maybe in the near future. No doubt,now your a pretty young dude,has as it been difficult at all to keep a cool demeanor about yourself amidst so much success?

Slim: No, not at all, bro. A wise man once told me you got to keep a poker face. I dig that. [Laugh] What can we expect from Slim Dunkin in 2011?

Slim: Music, music, music! So Slim what sets you apart from every other Hip-Hop MC?

Slim: I’m not trying to cater to the world just my age group. Its A young ni**a Movement!! So what’s the one thing you want your music to do?

Slim: Make the people who come where I’m from and relate to me and know they got a voice out here speaking for them. When will you know you are where you want to be in music?

Slim: When my family straight. What’s the legacy you will create?

Slim: They say you’ll never know where your going unless you know where you’ve been so im just trying to help finish what Pac started

One things for sure, Slim definitely has the right ingredients for the makings of a hip hop superstar.

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  • IvanAndersen


  • MrTroyMercy

    Ahh , don’t salute him now cause he was not even your radar . If he wasn’t affilated with Waka , he would’ve been just a dead rapper to y’all . This is what I hate about social networks … your life ain’t enough news to them until your dead .

    Death makes your life a story – death makes something news worthy . I didn’t even read the article cause I see what your trying to do …..benfit off the death you care or really knew anything about other him being down with Wacka .

    Just like when Guru died you did all thse LOST articles but before he died you never gave fucck about his music because he wasn’t big enough for a story .

    Just send a r.I.p to his fam and keep it moving cause right now all you are trying to do is get browny points before the other site and that’s ashame.

    • Carlton Jordan

      get over yourself.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Lmao !!!lol!!! Smh!! Smdh!!! Lmbao!!! Wtf???!!!! Idk???…u? OKay shut up! I’m way over myself …lol!


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  • Dorrie Mzboydtoyou Boyd


  • Ahh ran this interview with him in Feb 2011.

    He was on the radar & saluted 10mnths ago?

    At Troy Mercy : # I’mJustSayin’

    That doesn’t invalidate what your saying though!

  • TruthSerum

    Hip Hop needs less people like this in the game, not to say he shoulda died but I cant stand these “I dont have no lyrics, I’m in this for the money only” type cats, they talk about hip hop like its selling crack or summin, being an artist isnt summin you should be exploiting just to get paid, if you aint got no genuine love for the craft go someplace else and get paid


      Agreed! There’s even barbers out here like this now, everything aint trappin, some shit is actually legitimate business and should be treated as such. 

    • INagge Beatz™

      Stop Being Stupid, He Do Have The Love For The Craft Of Music, He Just Need The Money To Get His Family Str8…

  • Marc

    Ain’t he dead?